07 April 2009

Racist Israel Bans Gerry Adams from Entering Gaza

The leader of the 2nd largest party in the North of Ireland. A man who could be used to help bring about peace. A man who was involved in the Irish peace process and without whom we would not have one. A man who has worked closely with George Mitchell, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, and Isarel does not want to let him into Gaza. For the background on this read my post HEREWhere they attempted to force Adams into saying he would not meet with HAMAS while in Gaza. newsflash.... Hamas were duly ELECTED in GAZA so they are the Gazan Government.

Israel bars N Ireland leader from Gaza
Northern Ireland political leader Gerry Adams will not be allowed to enter Gaza this week because he planned to meet officials from Hamas, the militant group that rules the territory, an Israeli official said on Tuesday.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said Israel "would not help Adams meet with Hamas terror leaders". Hamas is listed as a terror organisation by Israel, the US and EU.

A spokesman for Adams, Ted Howell, said Adams and his delegation planned to visit Gaza on Wednesday. He said, "we will meet with whoever wants to meet us."

Again you should read THIS for the background. Adams wouldn't be threatened, so now he is "banned" by racists and murderers. Can't wait for Israel to be charged with war crimes. Rest assured I will celebrate for a month!