10 April 2009

Seder Prayer~Ten Plagues on Palestine

For those who have never visited this site, you are really missing out on some great stuff:)

Bennie Yahoo Prays for Ten Plagues on Palestine at Israeli National Seder

Ben Jamin Netan Yahoo stood at the Passover celebration at the national Israeli Seder and prayed for the Ten Plagues on Egypt from the Biblical Exodus story to be visited upon Palestine. BJ-NY went further as he explained how modern Israelis no longer need to suffer and wait for long suffering and slow moving Ha Shem:

" Today in Israel we can help Ha Shem along with missiles, rockets, bombs and tanks. The modern Egyptians and their Pharoah in Gaza and the West Bank will feel the might of Yahweh's right arm as American signed sealed and delivered weapons of mass destruction are unleashed upon the godless oppressors disguised as really poor refugees and strangers in a strange land."

When Nat Yahoo was asked if he did not see the resemblance of Israel to the Egyptian slave masters and the Palestineans to the downtrodden Israelite slaves, the new Israeli Pharoah declared that the slaves' rations should be cut and their work hours extended source