10 April 2009

US Jewish Leaders Angry at Obama~Oh Well

The first US Presidential Seder in History, and the reaction of the US Jewish communities leaders are, well, a picture is worth a thousand words they say:

They all expected to be invited, so now they are angry. And, there is stirring in the Zionist circles that the Seder is to soften the Zionists up, before Obama sticks it to Israel on the peace process. Let's all hope so!

Jewish leaders are miffed as to why they weren't invited to tonight's White House seder, the first on record that will be attended by the U.S. president. Wrote a staffer who sought to remove the dinner from the official White House schedule, "Apparently Jewish [sic] here and in neighboring states are now calling wondering why they have not been invited.”

The email was accidentally released by a sleepy staffer, the White House said. The Obamas are keeping the seder traditional, ie, intimate, with prominent Jewish staffers Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod skipping the event to spend the holy feast with their families, Politico reports. Still, proving that there is little President Obama can do these days without attracting some controversy, Jewish leaders aren't just mad over not snagging an invite.

According to the National Review's Tom Gross, "Many in Israel fear that Obama’s Passover meal may be a stunt designed to soften up Jewish Democrats for what are likely to be some strong differences with the new Israeli government." source