09 April 2009

What About ISRAEL? US Court Allows Apartheid Claims

I wonder if this can be used against Israel. Israel used US made weapons illegally and broke the agreement between the US and Israel for the legal use of those weapons for "defensive" purposes only.

US court allows apartheid claims

A United States judge has ruled that lawsuits can go ahead against several companies accused of helping South Africa's apartheid-era government.

IBM, Ford and General Motors are among those corporations now expected to face demands for damages from thousands of apartheid's victims.

They argue that the firms supplied equipment used by the South African security forces to suppress dissent.

Now I find this interesting, I wonder if this can set a precedence for going after companies that made the weapons that murdered civilians, the illegal use of White Phosphorous on civilians, the DIME missiles, etc, all made in the USA and used in an illegal fashion on Palestinians who were corralled into an area and then murdered or incinerated. Wonder what Dennis Kucinich thinks about this as he said long ago that Israel's illegal use of the weapons breached the agreement between the US and Israel for the legal use. more below:

The companies affected have not yet responded to the judge's ruling.

'Wilful blindness'

US District Judge Shira Scheindlin in New York dismissed complaints against several companies but said plaintiffs could proceed with lawsuits against IBM, Daimler, Ford, General Motors and Rheinmetall Group, the German parent of an armaments maker.

"Corporate defendants accused of merely doing business with the apartheid government of South Africa have been dismissed," she said.

The plaintiffs argue that the car manufacturers knew their vehicles would be used by South African forces to suppress dissent. They also say that computer companies knew their products were being used to help strip black South Africans of their rights.

The judge disagreed with IBM's argument that it was not the company's place to tell clients how to use its products.

"That level of wilful blindness in the face of crimes in violation of the law of nations cannot defeat an otherwise clear showing of knowledge that the assistance IBM provided would directly and substantially support apartheid," she said.