09 April 2009

MUST READ "Press One To Boycott Israel"

This little story made me laugh, it's too good not to share and pass along. GREAT post from Jews Sans Frontieres below, you can read it all here:

Boycott one get one free!

Tescos has set up a boycott helpline, according to the Jewish Chronicle: Pro-Israel groups have attacked Tesco for setting up a customer helpline for those considering boycotting Israeli goods. Tesco says it provided the service in expectation of calls questioning its stocking of products from Israel and the West Bank.

Callers selecting the general information option on its customer helpline hear the recorded message: “If you are ringing regarding Israeli goods, please press one.” They are then connected to specially-trained call centre staff.(ROTFLMAO)

A Tesco spokesman claimed the dedicated line — introduced for “functionality” reasons after increased inquiries during the Gaza conflict in January READ IT ALL HERE