25 April 2009

US to Suspend Intelligence to Israel & MORE

Stephen Walt says so in Dossier created for Obama.

This little (BIG) story is bouncing around the web. It emanates from geostrategy-direct site, which is a members only page sign in. However, a handful of pro-Israel sites have gotten a hold of some of the information and it’s starting to take off. Additionally Hanan Ashwari over at MIFTAH has posted it as well. Evidently Stephen Walt, has written a dossier "Can the United States Put Pressure on Israel: A User's Guide." for the Obama Administration calling on the US to suspend all intelligence and military dialogue with Israel. Yes, you read that correctly. He outlines a way for Obama to deal with Israel in a way that excludes having to go through Congress (Owned by AIPAC) sounds like a PLAN to me!!

Pro-Israel sites are starting to go postal about this. Here is what I have been able to find so far:

DOSSIER: Stephen Walt

Obama advised to suspend intelligence, military dialogue with Israel

A leading ally of President Barack Obama and critic of the Israel lobby in the United States has outlined a proposed U.S. campaign to pressure Israel that would suspend the intelligence dialogue between the two countries.

Stephen Walt, a U.S. professor of international affairs at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government, who co-authored with John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago a controversial study on the Israeli lobby in the United States, has drafted recommendations for the Obama administration to pressure the new Israeli government of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to accept a Palestinian state in the West Bank.

Walt, regarded as influential in the U.S. diplomatic community, said the campaign should begin by administration criticism of Israel and support for United Nations resolutions that condemn the Jewish state.

"U.S. officials could even describe Israel's occupation [of the West Bank] as 'contrary to democracy,' 'unwise,' 'cruel,' or 'unjust,'" Walt wrote in the U.S. magazine Foreign Policy. "Altering the rhetoric would send a clear signal to the Israeli government and its citizens that their government's opposition to a two-state solution was jeopardizing the special relationship."

Netanyahu was scheduled to fly to Washington to meet Obama in May 2009. But on April 16, the Israeli daily Yediot Aharonot reported that Netanyahu was expected to cancel his visit amid an assessment that Obama would refuse to meet the Israeli prime minister.

"Within four years there will be a permanent settlement between Israel and Palestinians," White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel was quoted by Yediot as saying. "We don't care who the prime minister is."

Walt's report, titled "Can the United States Put Pressure on Israel: A User's Guide." marked the latest recommendations to the Obama administration to revise U.S. policy toward Israel.

In March 2009, a report by a bipartisan panel of foreign policy analysts called on the White House to pressure Israel as part of an effort to resolve the U.S. conflict with the Arab world.

Walt warned against any immediate attempt by Obama to reduce the $3 billion in annual U.S. military aid to Israel. He said this would result in a battle with the Democratic-controlled Congress. "There's a lot of potential leverage here, but it's probably not the best stick to use, at least not at first," Walt said.

"Trying to trim or cut the aid package will trigger an open and undoubtedly ugly confrontation in Congress -- where the influence of AIPAC and other hard-line groups in the Israel lobby is greatest. So that's not where I'd start."

But Walt urged Obama to reduce U.S. strategic cooperation with Israel. He said the administration could suspend the dialogue between the Israeli and U.S. intelligence communities as well as that of the Israeli military and the Defense Department. "Today, such a step would surely get the attention of Israel's security establishment," Walt said.

Walt also recommended that the United States reduce its procurement of Israeli defense equipment, another step that would not require congressional approval. Israel has sold a range of armor, munitions and platforms deployed by the U.S. military in Afghanistan and Iraq.

"Obama could instruct Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to slow or decrease these purchases, which would send an unmistakable signal that it was no longer business-as-usual," Walt said. "Given the battering Israel's economy has taken in the current global recession, this step would get noticed too. And most of these measures could be implemented by the Executive Branch alone, thereby outflanking die-hard defenders of the special relationship in Congress."
Sounds like a plan to me!!! Knock me over with a feather if Obama does this. If, and I say this cautiously, If he does, then I’m gonna be owing Obama a serious apology. link to the dossier is HERE
Link to the pro-Israel site that posted the excerpts of the dossier is HERE and here is MIFTAH's article posting in full HERE


Anonymous said...

You are out of your mind if you think the American people will stand for this


Ban Sidhe said...

Well, not really, Americans have learned quite a lot about AIPAC and the Jewish lobby since Obama's been in office. I'd say they are wising up finally seeing America's best interests are NOT Israels.

I have faith in America, sorry you don't

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