10 April 2009

WARNING to Israel~More Axe Attacks Will Come

Well Israel, what do you expect? People will fight back and resist way they can. As long as you live on stolen land, your army defends armed illegal settlers against unarmed Palestinians, you murder Palestinians at will, then you can expect nothing less.

A Palestinian organization calling itself the Army of Palestine Fighters threatened on Friday to strike Israeli interests “anywhere in the world.”

The group said its future attacks would be “in response to the attacks carried out on Palestinians in the West Bank, particularly the Hebron village of Safa, Jerusalem, Gaza, and those inside Israel.”

The group added in a statement that [Israeli Chief of the General Staff Gabi] Ashkinazi’s threat to carry out a new strike on Gaza is evidence of their failure in the face of the steadfastness of the Palestinians.”

The group had previously claimed responsibility for the axe attack on the illegal Israeli settlement of Bat Ayin, which left an Israeli teenager dead and a seven-year-old boy seriously injured source