11 April 2009

Israeli Peace Activist & Journalist Injured by Israeli Troops

Bethlehem - Ma’an - Four were injured including one Israeli peace activist and an AP journalist as Israeli soldiers fired on protesters, including children, demonstrating in Bil’in on Friday.

The demonstration commemorated Children’s Day, and was headed by more than a dozen Palestinian children holding signs and banners saying: “It’s our right to live safely,” “The wall kills our hopes and dreams,” and “Settlements and the wall leave us with no future.”

Those injured were identified as AP journalist Mohammed Muhesen, an Israeli peace activist identified only as Kobi, and two Palestinians identified as Abdullah Aburahma, and Adeeb Aburahma.

Two children from Bilin were arrested prior to the protest, 16-year-olds Wajdy Ali Shehada Abu Rahma and Hamouda Emad Hahmouda Yassin. They were taken Thursday and found after midnight Friday morning, beaten, near the village of Qatana.source