14 May 2009


After Israel murdering all those hundreds of innocent women and children in Gaza, after continuing its siege on Palestine, Israel is attempting to Re-habilitate it's world image, Don't help them!

The Eurovision Song Contest is this Saturday. Israel has a trick up its sleeve; they are going to attempt to fool you. And true to form Israel is trying to make themselves look like an “all inclusive” Democracy and caring state.Israel has chosen a duo act of two women, one Arab Israeli and one Israeli Jew singing a song about "working it out" for “hasbara” purposes, in an attempt to fool the world.

Let me give you a little background on the two women who make up this “peaceful” duo that will perform and represent the state of Israel at Eurovision this Saturday. The act is comprised of “ Noa AKA Ahinoam Nini and the other woman is Mira Awad” where Noa AKA Ahinoam Nini is an Israeli Jew, the other part of the “act” (and it IS an act!!!) is Mira Awad , an Israeli-Arab singer currently living in Tel Aviv. Mira Awad, born in 1975 to Palestinian Father-Anwar, and Bulgarian mother-Snejanka, in an Arab village in the north of Israel.

And just what is the name of the song they are singing you might ask? Well, it’s called “Work it Out” imagine that!! This song they are singing is about “Peace” which I find absolutely revolting to be brutally honest. This given Israel’s genocide in Gaza. But, it gets even worse. Keep reading:

Here are the events regarding this FAKE and PHONEY “duo” that will explain why it is SO important for people who support Palestine to ensure Israel’s Eurovision score is “Nil Points” this year. You see Noa AKA Ahinoam Nini the Israeli Jew fancies herself to be a peace activist for Palestine. She professes to love the Palestinian people, she professes to want to see them prosper, she professes to care deeply about them. However, this caring came to a screeching halt when immediately after the Gaza onslaught and genocide, when many groups worldwide were performing concerts to raise money for Humanitarian Aid for innocent civilians, let us see just how true to her core values of helping innocent Palestinians she was, how true to this cause she was, how important this cause meant to her.

From haaretz: Israel Eurovision singers skip benefit concert for Gaza civilians, citing political tug-of-war

The dispute continues between a group of Arab and Jewish intellectuals and Israel's Eurovision contenders, Ahinoam Nini and Mira Awad. The two singers were due to perform last Friday at a benefit in Tel Aviv to raise money for Gazan civilian victims of Operation Cast Lead, but cancelled their participation at the last minute - just a day before the event. Their decision came after a series of letters published in the media criticized the singers against the backdrop of the fighting in Gaza, and called on the event's organizers to bar them from performing at the concert

Actor Yosef Swaid read a letter from Nini and Awad to the audience, explaining why they had decided not to participate.

The whole affair started with an open letter to the residents of Gaza, published by Nini on her blog, in which she expressed her support for the fighting in the Gaza Strip and called on the Palestinians to root out Hamas from their midst and help Israel to rid itself of the "this cancer, this virus, called Hamas." When the selection of the two women to represent Israel at Eurovision was announced, actor Juliano Mer-Khamis, filmmaker Nizar Hassan and publisher Yael Lerer published an open letter addressed to Awad, asking her "not to serve as a fig leaf in the Israeli public relations campaign." The letter's authors likewise called on Awad not to give the world an impression of co-existence in Israel.

"Every brick in the wall of this phoney image allows the Israeli army to throw 10 more tons of explosives and more phosphorus bombs. We are sure that you also see these images and cry," continues the letter.

"Today, after her wish has been fulfilled, and the Israeli army 'GOT RID' of over 1300 Palestinians, over 400 of them children, over 100 of them women, Ahinoam Nini wants to share the stage at a charity performance for the children of Gaza?"" stated the letter.

"Your hypocrisy knows no bounds. You supported those who made those children orphans, and now you want to play Mother Theresa and help them? How cynical can you be?

"Not only did you not protest, you supported the war. Maybe you can increase your popularity and try to wash your bloody hands by making headlines on the backs of these children, but you will not be able to clear your dirty conscience," continued the letter.

Ok, so what happened next in this gigantic Israeli “Fake Out” more below:
Israeli Arab singer urged to step down from Eurovision, so as not to present 'false image' of coexistence

Several local artists and intellectuals are calling on the Israeli Arab singer and actress chosen to represent Israel at the Eurovision song contest to step down, saying her participation in the "Israeli propaganda machine" would convey a false impression of national coexistence used to cover up the deaths of Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip.

"Israel would not be able to continue with its war crimes without the support of the international community, especially the United States and the European Union," the signatories, both Jewish and Arab, wrote in an open letter to Awad.

"What allows the international community to provide support is Israel's image as a 'democratic,' 'enlightened,' 'peace-seeking' country. Your participation in Eurovision is taking part in the activity of the Israeli propaganda machine," they added.

Every contribution to the "false image" Israel is building "allows the Israeli army to use another 10 tons of explosives, another phosphorous bomb," the letter says.

Actor Juliano Mer-Khamis, one of the people who initiated the open letter, said Awad's participation in Eurovision would be a "fig leaf" for Israel's actions

So then, let’s see what Richard Silverstein at Tikun Olam had to say about all this back then:
Jan 27th, 2009 by Richard Silverstein
I don’t know what demon possessed Ahinoam Nini’s brain when she wrote a long passionate letter to Palestinians during the Gaza war in which she railed against Hamas and called, in the most vehement terms, for the IDF to uproot it.

While sunk in a funk during the Gaza invasion, she decided to pen her plaint for peace and to tell the world what was wrong with Hamas and its Palestinian supporters. While there is much in her blog entry that is laudable and true, the entire balance is skewed heavily against Hamas and shows such a fundamental misunderstanding about what really happened in Gaza and why that I’m left dumbfounded that she could’ve gotten things so utterly wrong:

The level of sheer condescension and cultural superiority represented by this statement is mind-boggling. It shows that even those who speak out of heart-felt passion and concern can sometimes make fools of themselves. Passion must be informed by judgment and analysis. This Noa lacks. She blames Hamas for all the evils of Palestinian society. She claims she is critical of her own government and society, but whispers not a word about WHY there is poverty, suffering and misery in Gaza. What about the siege? Does she think that Hamas prefers Gaza to not have food, water, power, medicine or commerce? Where is the moral intelligence that we so often hear in her music? How did her judgment entirely desert her?

But how can Noa deign to tell the Palestinians what they are thinking in their hearts about Hamas? Is this the ultimate chutzpah or what?

Noa and Awad were scheduled to perform together at a Tel Aviv concert to benefit Gaza civilians but Israeli Arab and Jewish intellectuals excoriated Noa for her diatribe and she withdrew from the concert (here is Israeli director, Udi Aloni’s eloquent rejoinder). And rightly so. What right does she have to attempt to ease the suffering of those civilians through the concert, when she defended the very military operation by her own army which caused it?

There is some kind of moral disconnect that happens with Israeli liberals. They feel opposing their own government’s policies places them on such a high moral plane that they can start telling Palestinians how they should live their lives. It’s offensive and distasteful.
And for those interested, here are parts of her “letter to Palestinians”
Now I see the ugly head of fanaticism, I see it large and horrid, I see its black eyes and spine-chilling smile, I see blood on its hands and I know one of its many names: Hamas.

You know this too, my brothers. You know this ugly monster. You know it is raping your women and raping the minds of your children. You know it is educating to hatred and death. You know it is chauvinistic and violent, greedy and selfish, it feeds on your blood and screams out Allah’s name on vain, it hides like a thief, uses the innocent as human shields, uses your mosques as arsenals, lies and cheats, uses YOU, tortures you, holds you hostage!!

I know this is true my brothers!! I know YOU know the truth!! And I know you cannot say it for fear of life so I will say it for you!! I fear nothing!! I am privileged to live in a democracy where women are not objects but presidents, where a singer can say and do as she pleases! I know you do not have this privilege (yet…but you will, inshallah, you will…)
I know you are SICK of being held hostage by this demon, this ugly beast, not in Gaza, not in Iran or Iraq or Afghanistan, not anywhere!!! You are a people destined to flourish in peace! Your majestic history is overflowing with creativity, literature science and music, endless contributions to humanity, not crippling, torturing fanaticism, yelling Jihad and Shahid!

I see you sometimes, out in the streets, demonstrating with the monsters, yelling ‘death to the Jews, death to Israel!! But I don’t believe you! I know where your heart is! It is just where mine is, with my children, with the earth, with the heavens, with music, with HOPE!! You want nothing of this but you have no choice! I see through your veil of fear my brothers, through your burka! I embrace your hopes for they are mine!

But, now, today, I know that deep in your hearts YOU WISH for the demise of this beast called Hamas who has terrorized and murdered you, who has turned Gaza into a trash heap of poverty, disease and misery. Who in the name of “allah” has sacrificed you on the bloody alter of pride and greed.

My brothers, I cry for you. I cry for us too, yes, I cry for my fellow countrymen suffering the bombs in the south and north and everywhere, I cry for the kidnapped soldiers and the murdered ones, for their bereft families, for the innocence lost forever, but I cry especially painfully for you for I know your suffering, I feel you, I feel you!!

Awe, how nice, she "feels their pain" this woman is sick! Letter continues unfortunately, get ready for the whopper and mother of all insults:
I can only wish for you that Israel will do the job we all know needs to be done, and finally RID YOU of this cancer, this virus, this monster called fanaticism, today, called Hamas. And then… then, maybe, Inshallah, we will again have an opportunity... we will again pick up our broken bodies and souls and walk slowly towards each other, reach out a tired hand, look into eyes filled with tears and with a choked voice say: “Shalom. Salam. Enough. Enough my brother…

you want some coffee? Here, sit for a while…let's talk….we know the words, we know the songs, we know the road….

This woman cares for Palestinians like someone cares for a pet dog!!!!! She does not see them as capable human beings, able to think and choose on their own. To her they are "pets" This insane woman somehow believes that she, who FULLY and OPENLY supported the genocide in Gaza, somehow has the right to “tell” Palestinians what they should think and do, simply because she “believes” herself to be working for “peace” but of course this is only “her” version” of peace, which I might add, is exactly the same as the IDF and Israeli Governments version of “peace” hence this is why these two were picked to represent Israel in Eurovision this year!

So, are you feeling a little sick in your mouth right now? The sheer and utter “nerve” that this woman, this Israeli woman actually thinks she has the right to speak to Palestinians this way is beyond comprehension, when her OWN government just murdered thousands of them, whilst she sings about peace and writes letters to Palestinians that insult their intelligence?

Seriously people, Israel’s “act” this year is nothing more than Israeli Propaganda using the Eurovision Song Contest, Israel is hoping to have a victory in propaganda. Don’t give it to them. Israel can pressure and control UN investigations into war crimes, the US government, murder Arabs, steal land, control Gaza and threaten Iran, BUT what they CANNOT CONTROL is who you vote for!! Even if you never watch the Eurovision Song Contest, please do so this year and more importantly VOTE against Israel!! You can do this by voting for ANY OTHER COUNTRY EXCEPT ISRAEL. Let’s give Israel “Nil Points” for its disgusting Propaganda.

here are the lyrics to the propaganda, I mean "song"

English Translation
There Must Be Another Way
There must be another
Must be another way
Your eyes, sister
Say all that my heart desires
So far, we’ve gone
A long way, a very difficult way, hand in hand
And the tears fall, pour in vain
A pain with no name
We wait
Only for the next day to come
There must be another way
There must be another way
Your eyes say
A day will come and all fear will disappear
In your eyes a determination
That there is a possibility
To carry on the way
As long as it may take
For there is no single address for sorrow
I call out to the plains
To the stubborn heavens
There must be another way
There must be another way
There must be another
Must be another way
We will go a long way
A very difficult way
Together to the light
Your eyes say
All fear will disappear
And when I cry, I cry for both of us
My pain has no name
And when I cry, I cry
To the merciless sky and say
There must be another way
And the tears fall, pour in vain
A pain with no name
We wait
Only for the day to come
There must be another way
There must be another way
There must be another
Must be another way



PlanetMichelle said...

I'll say there's another way! Into the sea! I mean that figurativly not literally. As in, Israel pack up and go.

Robbo in Oz said...

Just wondering why they are allowed in Eurovision at all.Maybe I am a dumb Aussie but is the middle east now a part of Europe.

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