15 May 2009

Resistance "The Only Way"

On this, the anniversity of the Nakba, many in Palestine believe resistance is the only way to secure their right of return.
Palestinian refugees expelled from their lands have the right to demand their return, the Popular Resistance Committee’s military wing said on Nakba Day.

In realizing our rights, the An-Nasser Brigades said in a statement, “resistance is the only option.”

The statement, in honor of the anniversary of the day the 1948 expulsion of Palestinians from their homes began, said “We are one Palestinian nation and we will unite to face the Israeli occupation of our lands and we will do our best to protect Jerusalem and get back our lands.”

Echoing the An-Nasser Brigades, their Fatah-affiliated counterparts the Al-Mujahedin Brigades called on all Palestinians to unite and face Israeli harassment.

The brigades issued a statement on the occasion of Nakba Day that Palestinian land owners should “never abandon their right” to return to that land. source