16 May 2009


Popcorn and phones at the ready folks, tonight is Eurovision!!
Don't forget today is Eurovision day, boycott the Israeli entry. Their entry is a propaganda "act" and they are attempting to trick people, see my post here for the background of this duo.

For those who are not familiar with Eurovision, it's an annual event, very camp, over the top, major production, disco, dance, rock, crazy stuff. But definitely OTT, which is what makes it so fun to watch LOL. Here are my favorite picks for tonight's show (not in any special order) taken from the semi finals:

DENMARK-Niels Brinck - "Believe again" a great song (by Ronan Keating from Ireland) and sung brilliantly by Niels

SPAIN-Soraya - "La Noche Es Para MÍ" has a very Arabic feel to the music combined with Spanish flare

MALTA-Chiara "What If We" lovely big voice she has.

MOLDOVA-"Hora din Moldova!" (English: "Dance of Moldova") Performed by Nelly Ciobanu

ESTONIA-"Rändajad" (English Translation: Travellers) is a song by the Estonian band Urban Symphony, lovely ballad with lots of strings

Ok, get the popcorn ready and good luck everyone (except Israel's propaganda act)