16 May 2009

Israel Real Threat-Not Iran

Let me remind everyone that Iran has signed the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, Israel continues to refuse, even after Obama's recent request to them. Israel is the only country in the region with Nuclear Weapons, and they refuse to allow inspections or to sign the treaty.
The Chief Palestinian negotiator, Saeb Erekat, has slammed Israel's deliberate attempt to portray Iran as a threat to the region.

"There is a line in Israel saying that Iran is a danger to the region. This is absurd and unacceptable", Erekat said at the World Economic Forum on the Middle East in Jordan.

"The real threat to the region is in fact the Israeli occupation," he added.

Israeli officials have so far ignored international calls for a two-state peace settlement with the Palestinians, arguing that they see greater significance in dealing with an "Iranian threat".

Tel Aviv -- the sole possessor of a nuclear warhead in the Middle East, -- has stepped up accusation that Iran, a signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), is amassing weapons-grade uranium.

According to the latest International Atomic Energy Agency figures, however, Iran has produced some 1,010 kilograms of low enriched uranium (LEU) -- a level "less than 5 percent."

Erekat said that the Israeli occupation is the gate to instability and destruction in the region, calling on “those looking for stability” to "end the Israeli occupation." source