19 May 2009


Here is the scoop on the Convoy. I’ve just had a nice long chat by phone with one of my friends on the convoy, which is way better than text messages which can be misconstrued.

Here is the deal from beginning to end for today; We all know the boat from Italy arrived in Alexandria some days ago. The problem and delay was/is because the Egyptians have now passed a law taking effect after the George Galloway/Viva Palestina Convoy and it will no longer allow large convoys to travel by road across Egypt to Gaza. So, for the “Hope” convoy, what is required was for the boat from Italy to be off loaded to another boat to then travel to the Port at Said.

So, the biggest delay has been because the other boat, which is coming from Libya, has not arrived yet in Alexandria. It has now been verified that the new boat is currently en route and will arrive in Alexandria shortly, where it will then be loaded and then sailed to Port Said to arrive there on Thursday or Friday, barring no more problems.

At that point the Egyptians will accompany the convoy by road to Al Arish and on to the Rafah border, where it is expected to arrive in Gaza. The earliest arrival would be Thursday late, but most likely Friday or Saturday. Again, barring no more problems.

Additionally, there is a Sinn Fein Politician whom I know on the convoy. I am told he may be giving an interview to a local radio station at 9:30AM tomorrow morning. If it takes place I should be able to get a link to the podcast of that interview if people are interested in hearing it.

Any more news will be posted as I get it. Remember, if you miss a day you can search my tags “hope convoy”