19 May 2009

Israeli Feathers Have Been Ruffled~Sneeze Coming

The article below my rant, is from Israel Today. And it appears reality may be sinking into some Israelis, be still my heart….. Neocon Zionist Aryah Eldad and others may soon begin "withdrawal Symptoms" as the US begins to dislodge its head from Israel's arse, metaphorically speaking of course:)

I seriously hesitate to say this, but the winds of change seem to be blowing worldwide against Israel. People are fed up with their illegal acts of aggression, war, terror and starvation inflicted on Palestinians. I'm no fan of Obama, yet, but there does seem to be some power play taking place. Like a giant pissing contest, you can smell the testosterone in the air almost.

Obama has one key feature that makes me think he will "do the deed" and force Israel to make peace and create a Palestinian state. That feature is his "ego"

Think about it, wanna talk "ego" ?? Obama has written two books about himself and he's not even 50 years old, additionally what about that OTT display when he got the nomination from his party? The Greek Temple thingie? WTF??? During the campaign he painted his plane with the big "O" sign, and he created his own Obama "version" of a Presidential seal as well. Sheesh, BIG massive Ego....I remember thinking when I saw what all that cost him how great it would have been if he'd just donated those many millions to poor people, Ah, but I digress.....also, He has billed himself as a visionary, a man capable of transcending racial hatred. He is also the first Black President, so all of this weighs heavily on his legacy of "firsts" When I combine all of this, add in his ego, it makes me think he would want to go down in history as the man who brought peace to the world. He wants to become like Martin Luther King, and here is his chance. Resolve the Palestinian situation and become partners in the Middle East with Iran and other Arab countries. Change the world and at the same time rehabilitate America’s worldstanding.

If you think about it for a minute, if the US had good relations with Iran and all the other Arab states, Israel would no longer be needed as a strategic partner in the region. They’d be replaced. Additionally, Iran and Arab states can do much more for helping America in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. Whilst all Israel can offer the US is war, it's all it has in its arsenal. Also, there would be no need for American Taxpayers (who are loosing their homes and jobs) to be sending BILLIONS to Israel each year!! It’s a “win-win” situation for everyone except Israel, which would then become nothing but a small patch of desert where Jews live, nothing more.

So, whilst I trust Obama as far as I throw him in a pasture with the wind at me back, I do think all of this may be possible, if not for the right reasons, then for Obama's selfish ego reasons. We will see when the pissing contest is over where we stand. In the meantime we keep pushing the Palestinian cause and pushing to keep Israel from attacking Iran. Now, enjoy the article below:
US to abandon Israel, warns Israeli MK
Outspoken right-wing Israeli Knesset Member Aryeh Eldad said that what he took away from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s meeting with US President Barack Obama on Monday was that America is on its way to abandoning the Jewish state.
(Bye, See Ya, would'nt want to Be Ya)
Speaking to Israel National News, Eldad stressed that Obama had insisted on a deadline-free negotiating process with Iran, despite Netanyahu explaining that a nuclear-armed Iran poses a very real existential threat that Israel cannot accept.
(Perhaps it is because Iran is not a threat, Perhaps you suffer from "Perpetual War Syndrome" and need a healthy dose of Prozac)
Obama’s position essentially means that while the US would prefer for Iran not to go nuclear, it is willing to accept that outcome, said Eldad, adding, “Israel will have no choice but to destroy the Iranian nuclear facilities with all the means at its disposal, be the price what it may.”
(Listen asshat, Iran has the right to nuclear power, just like you. Tough concept "equality" is eh? Oh and btw, Iran has signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, YOU, on the other hand, have not. But hey, let's not let facts get in the way of your dream of taking over the Middle East)
Netanyahu had hoped to convince Obama that while the Israeli-Arab conflict had been going on for decades, the Iranian nuclear crisis is a game-changing issue that must be dealt with independently and immediately.

Israeli experts fear that Obama is betting on a change in the Iranian leadership when Iranians go to the polls in June, resulting in a halt to the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program in line with international demands. (This is exactly what I wrote about HERE, you should read it and meet Iran's Obama)source

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Barbara L said...

It’s a “win-win” situation for everyone except Israel, which would then become nothing but a small patch of desert where Jews live, nothing more!


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