19 May 2009

Israel Preparing for Attack Again?

They cannot be this utterly stooooopid, but thay CAN be this utterly racist. Instead what I belive this is yet another "terror" tactic visited onto Gazans. Another Israeli War Crime, another IDF Terrorist Activity. Trying hard to be civil here, not having much success, no, not having any success, here it comes..........Israel you deserve to self destruct, the sooner the better for the rest of the sane people in this world.
With only months since the latest Israeli military foray into Gaza, Hamas security forces have carried out maneuvers for what they predict to be the next war on the territory.

High-ranking Gaza officials said Wednesday that the military exercises -- which include an assortment of rescue operations, infrastructure protection, security defense, and combat maneuvers -- will help prepare for a forecasted Israeli bombing mission.

"We are performing these drills all over the Gaza strip in order to be ready for any possible emergency, we want to guarantee the safety of our citizens in every possible way. We stress that all our men are ready to sacrifice their lives to defend this land," Gaza Deputy Police Chief Zhuheir Shahin told Press TV in an exclusive interview.

The Gaza police department says the drills are designed to send Tel Aviv a word of warning, one day after Israeli warplanes returned to the skies of the Palestinian territory to begin a new round of a large-scale military exercise.

The four-day military drills, which will end on Thursday, were aimed at testing the Israeli squadron's airborne assault operations, infiltration attempts and special forces missions.

Political analysts say the newly-staged military drills are a harbinger of another Israeli bombing mission on Gaza. source

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PlanetMichelle said...

Israel created a dummy Gaza in the negev where they practiced destroying it long before they actually did it last Dec. What, did the U.S. not know this? Like hell.
Did you hear Obama drool disgusting love all over that demon Natenyahu yesterday? Actually is wasn't like love...it was more like dirty sex between perverts.
God, they disgust me.

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