26 May 2009

Iran's Obama Leads in 10 Cities

Iran's elections will be in a few weeks. There are two candidates that I like, one is very left, the other moderate but to the left. I like Mahdi Karroubi, but he is very much like Dennis Kucinich in America, excellent, but not enough support because he's too far to the left. The other guy, Mir-Hossein Moussavi stands a chance of being elected according to some recent polls below.
As Iranian presidential candidates battle out on the campaign trail, former prime minister Mir-Hossein Moussavi has the lead in 10 major Iranian cities, a recent poll says.

According to a report by the Ayandeh News, the poll conducted in Iran's ten big cities found out that Moussavi is leading the incumbent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad by 4 percent.

Nearly 38 percent expressed their support for Moussavi while 34 percent went for Ahmadinejad's bid for a second-term in office.

An opinion poll conducted by the IRIB last week, meanwhile, found that Moussavi also had the lead in the capital Tehran with 47 percent of the votes.

Forty three percent of the correspondents to the poll in Tehran supported President Ahmadinejad.

On June 12, Iran will hold the 10th presidential elections since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

Moussavi, President Ahmadinejad, former Majlis speaker Mehdi Karroubi and former IRGC chief Mohsen Rezaei will be competing in a four-way race. link