07 May 2009

Israel Spies on the United Nations

EXPOSEDAnd, sadly this is quite true, all kidding aside here. They are receiving information before it is available to be released. This means either there is an Israeli spy in the United Nations investigations committees, or Lieberman's new hat is working Don’t believe me? Keep reading and pay attention to the dates..

I found this article (below) written (May 5th) by a pro-Israeli journalist living in Israel. What’s so special about that you may ask? Well, she is bragging (in a VERY long winded and overly boring article praising Israel) about how amazing Israel’s intelligence and media are at having things leaked. You see, Israel was able to actually issue a response to the new damning UN report, BEFORE it was actually released . In fact, she goes on to say how Peres was to have had a “harsh talk” with Ban Ki Moon about said report, well before its release. Ensuring he would remove some parts of the report.

If you don’t believe my tin foil hat theory, then clearly Israel has spies within the UN committee carrying out the investigations against Israel’s crimes in Gaza. And that my friends is serious. Because, if this is true, then it will be even harder to hold the murdering scum accountable for their illegal actions. Source below:

Israel criticizes UN report -- before it is released -- on IDF strikes that hit UN in Gaza
Marian Houk
May 05, 2009

In an astonishing illustration of the matrix of the Israeli government, the Israeli media, the role of leaking, and attempts to influence international policy and opinion, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) sent out an email at 11:22 this morning [Jerusalem time] denouncing a UN report that has not yet been released. The MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) also partially reveals the contents of a not-yet-sent letter that the UN Secretary-General has addressed to the UN Security Council.

The MFA communique states that "UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon will today (Tuesday, 5 May 2009) send to the UN Security Council [in the "letter", apparently] his response to the summary of the report of the internal inspection committee, which he previously formed. The committee examined the events in which nine UN installations were damaged during Operation Cast Lead".

In this letter, according to the statement from Israel's MFA, "Secretary General Ban criticizes the firing of Kassam rockets at Israeli towns, and praises the coordination between the Israel Defence Force (IDF) and the UN during Operation Cast Lead".

This may come as a surprise to some in the UN.

[Tuesday] morning. Peres is expected to have held a harsh talk last night with the secretary general and to demand of him to delay publication. Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman also called the UN secretary general from Rome and had a harsh talk with him. As far as is known, the secretary general made it clear that it was not possible to change the content of the report or to delay publication. The pressure is therefore focusing now on having the secretary general try to minimize the damage in the remarks he will make at the press conference that he is expected to hold after publication". source