12 May 2009

Israeli IDF Terrorists Kidnap Palestinian Mother

This is Israel's version of sending a belated Mother's Day wish to Palestinians.
"Israeli Logic" you know, some words just are not meant to go together.......

Zionist IDF terrorists kidnap a 52 year old Mother of a man they want to arrest/question. Israeli logic and law at work here folks, you don't have to be guilty, just related to someone Israel "thinks" may be guilty and under "Israeli logic" they can kidnap you, even though you are innocent. Using this same logic, I suggest that the American government immediately check its "10 most wanted" list and following that, immediately kidnap the mother or family member of each person on the list, starting with Osama Bin Laden. Oh sorry, Ooooops, my bad,I forgot that the Bush's are BFF with Bin Ladens family..............Insanity follows below:
Israeli forces seized a 52-year-old mother from the West Bank city of Qalqiliya, Aadla Abed Al-Aziz Yassin, on Tuesday morning.

Her son, Muhammad Rafiq Yassin, is wanted by Israel for being a member of Hamas’ armed wing, the Izz Ad-Din Al-Qassam Brigades.

Israeli security officials raided the Khalet Yassin area of Qalqiliya at 6am, attacking Yassin’s house, detaining the mother and taking her to an unknown location.

Israel has often arrested the mothers and wives of “wanted” Palestinian men in order to pressure them into turning themselves in. source
These "people" have no morals what so ever. War Crimes anyone?