12 May 2009

Israeli Study Says Iran "NO THREAT" to Israel

Well, well, this is something. Finally an Israeli Military man with some intelligence, never thought I'd say that. In a new study he reports that Tehran's nuclear build up is directly related to defending itself, amazing logic! At least one Israeli "gets it" about Iran. Report below:
A new Israeli assessment rejects oft-stated claims that Iran poses a missile threat to Israel and suggests the country's rocket program to have other objectives.

After years of branding Iranian rockets as "an existential threat" to Israel, the former head of the Israeli military Arrow missile project, Uzi Rubin, noted in a recent report that Tehran has garnered missile know-how "to defend, deter and influence".

Rubin said Iran's ongoing scientific advancements and military breakthroughs show that the Tehran government would stop at nothing to protect the Iranian people in the event of war.

According to the former security official, Israel's Air Force is counterbalanced by Iran's state-of-the-art missile program. "Missiles are an equalizer, balancing the superiority of Israel's air force," he observed.

Tal Inbar, the head of the Fisher Institute for Air and Space Strategic Studies who co-authored the assessment with Rubin, noted the "noncontinuous progress" in Iran's missile project but doubted that it would pose an actual threat to Israel's existence.

He, however, added that Iranian missiles would be capable of traveling 3,000 kilometers in the near future, a prospect he deemed 'concerning'.

The study comes only a week after Israeli Air Force (IAF) reservists who operate the ballistic missile destroyer, the Arrow, and the surface-to-air missile, Patriot, were ordered to spend one day a week on duty to prepare for a future military showdown with Iran.

This is while Tel Aviv is widely regarded as the sixth-largest nuclear power in the world and the sole possessor of an atomic arsenal in the Middle East. Israel reportedly houses at least 100 bunker-busting bombs, which come in the form of laser-guided mini-nukes with the ability of penetrating underground targets.

During the Kennedy administration, Israel allowed American inspectors to make visits to its Dimona plant, but investigations eventually came to a halt in 1969 when former US president Richard Nixon secretly endorsed Tel Aviv's atomic arsenal.

In the early 1970s, Israel had already developed missiles capable of delivering nuclear warheads to most countries in the region, including Iran and Russia.


Barbara said...

Hmmm do you think this obviously self-hating Jew, Uzi Rubin, will have a job in the morning? I mean, he must be unbalanced and hate his own people to go against the powers that be and actually show he can think for himself and SPEAK truth as he sees it!

Or do you think, OMG, he might be antisemitic?

On a more serious note, I hope he is listened to, but I would not count on it. The Israelis were furious when the Americans put out a report awhile back that said the very same thing. They even had AIPAC muss with political appointments (Charles Freeman affair) to change things around and bring in more hawks in their control.

They want to dominate the Middle East, no ifs ands or buts about it. And the longer the wait, the more chance those antisemitic Persians under "their private Hitler" will have to learn about self defense.

Also when did Israel ever care if their self perceived enemy could defend itself? Crush and slaughter is their credo. The more blood and mess, the happier their dark god with the sacrifice.

Not to rain on any parades, sweetie, but just being a realist. I know I try to grasp at straws in hope also. But with Israel, I never think anything positive can come of anything they are involved in. Not at this point in time anyhow.

realisticbird said...

"Also when did Israel ever care if their self perceived enemy could defend itself?"

Indeed, they try to do anything to prevent others from defending themselves. They are the only ones entitled of "self-defense" and others self defense is only terrorism.

Ban Sidhe said...


Agreed. What really pisses Israel off is that Iran is a great nation, an old nation and they are capable of defending themselves. Israel only picks on small unarmed groups and has never had to fight a real fight. This is why they seek US assistance in attacking Iran, Thankfully, so far, the Obama admin is not looking for another war for Israel. I believe that after the June elections in Iran the country will move to the left, things will change and possibly relations with the USA which would then make Israel an insignificant little patch of desert where Jews live, nothing more. Iran is smart, they see this as their chance to become a major player and at the same time reduce Israel's stature in the region. I, for one, can't wait.

PlanetMichelle said...

Israel is a fox in a henhouse with nukes if anyone wants to infringe on their claim. So Zionist lovin Americans (hens) will continue to believe they have a friend in the fox. Go figure! I still have a slight hope in Obama,a glimmer of hope that hasn't been blown out of the water just yet anyway, that maybe he has "plan." I know it probably sounds stupid. I won't be disappointed if I am wrong. I have not put the eggs the basket. I am just watching.

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