12 May 2009

Lieberman The Racist Terrorist In England

Well, the Israeli poster child for racism has arrived in England to spread his unique brand of hate. Yes, the Racist Pig Faced Boy will meet with British Politicians, and of course, the "Jewish" Community, AKA fellow racist Zionists. True to form the normal people are holding protests against his visit

The Israel Beiteinu leader was set to meet Miliband on Wednesday morning at the Foreign Office in Whitehall in his first high-level meeting as foreign minister with a foreign government official.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman arrived in London on Tuesday afternoon as part of a fleeting visit to meet his British counterpart David Miliband.

A number of fringe anti-Israel groups have threatened to protest outside the Foreign Ministry.

One of the groups taking part called Lieberman a "neo-fascist". Quoting Haaretz journalist, Akiva Elder, the group said that when Jorg Haider joined the Austrian government, Jews around the world condemned it.

"If a Jewish politician who aspires to transfer an Arab minority across the border can sit in an Israeli cabinet, why should an anti-Semite not sit in an Austrian government?" Elder had said.

"Protest against UK visit by Israel's racist foreign minister," the call to join the demonstration said. "Join us to show our disgust at the government's willingness to meet with Israeli warmongers." (take note this report is from the pro-Israel paper the Jerusalem Post HERE
Ya know, it's almost worth the one hour plane ride over to England, just to watch his reaction when the Truth hits him.