19 May 2009

Israeli Terrorists Burn Land-Attack Farmers-Kidnap Child

Israeli settlers set fire to farmland and assaulted Palestinian farmers and an Israeli activist in two villages east of the West Bank city of Qalqiliya on Tuesday.

Ma’an’s correspondent reports that large areas of wheat fields and olive groves went up in flames in the villages of Jit and Far’ata before firefighters arrived and extinguished the blaze.

Local residents said Israeli soldiers also attacked farmers, leaving many of them bruised among them Hani Arman, Othman As-Sadda, Ahmad Arman, Zakariyya As-Sadda, and an Israeli activist with the organization Rabbis for Human rights.

Soldiers also seized 15-year-old Murad Yamin.

According to farmers, fights erupted after settlers from the Gilad outpost attacked a rally in the area protesting previous settler attacks and Israeli Civil Administration’s claims that farmers do not own their land in spite of documents proving ownership. link


Barbara L said...

Hey I want some of those cool things you have here to the right of the post.. those lil boxes with comments in them. How and where can I get them?

It is Friday. Last week they killed a child in her window in Bilin. Now the Zionofascists go into the town and shoot first. Who will they kill today?

Sometimes, if it did not mean they would win, after reading things like you post here, and events I mention above, it is very very difficult not to slide into utter hatred. But then, they would win! If for no other reason, I will not hate.

BTW.. one bad thing about the cockroach comparison? Cockroaches are said to be the only critters on the planet that would survive a nuclear explosion! Now THAT is a scary thought when looked at from aforementioned point of view.

Ban Sidhe said...

Hi Barbara just help yourself, right click and save to your hardrive, then use as you like:) They are all bumper stickers you can buy at cafepress. I just put a bunch of them together

have a great weekend!

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