21 May 2009

Israeli Terrorists Kidnap 26 More Palestinians

The Israeli army has arrested at least 26 Palestinians as part of its notorious kidnapping campaign in the West Bank city of Qal-qiliya.

Two Israeli soldiers and a Palestinian policeman were wounded during the incursion into Qal-qiliya early on Thursday.

Palestinians residing in the West Bank fall victim to Tel Aviv's overnight operations on a regular basis despite a valid security between Israel and the Palestinian National Authority.

According to the agreement the PA is in charge of security of the West Bank and Israeli servicemembers have no authority in the region.

A Palestinian specialist on detainees' affairs says Israel has kidnapped close to 2,400 Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza since the start 2009.

More than 11,500 Palestinians -- including women and children -- imprisoned by Israel are suffering under harsh conditions in detention facilities. link