25 May 2009

Israel's "Moral" Army At it AGAIN

Israel's "moral" army.....

C'mon, you know the one, the army that had t-shits printed with Palestinian children and pregnant women as targets "one shot, two kills", the one that dropped DIME missiles, and white phosphorous on civilians, the one that murdered over 400 children, the one that herded entire families into a corner of their house, under the "premise" of "safety" then shelled the home, killing everyone inside, the Moral Army that stole possession from Palestinian homes whilst the inhabited them like cockroaches during their illegal genocide, the one that smeared their excrement on the walls of Palestinian homes they occupied during the genocide, the army that bombed UN facilities and refugee camps, the army that targets children aged 12 and over as adults, THAT army we are talking about here.

Well, they are doing what they do best yet again. Calling themselves "moral" again, they today dropped leaflets and pamphlets telling Palestinians to get away from the wall, "or else" Here's the trouble, the Palestinain's homes are less the the distance they are referring to, Zionist asshats. Dont be fooled, this is yet another ploy to steal the land after people are forced to leave under the threat of bombs from this "moral" army.

Oh and one other wee detail, They injured a small child with one of their huge boxes of pamphlets telling people to "get out" The child was hit as the box was surgically dropped from an Israeli army chopper above. Another nice move from the most "moral" army in the world. Now, I have some swamp land to sell you.......
Bethlehem- Israel's air force used helicopters to drop fliers warning Palestinians to stay away from the Gaza border wall on Monday, residents.

"You have been warned. We urge residents of the Strip to keep a 300 meter distance from the fence," the fliers read.

Commenting on the message, a Gazan citizen told Ma’an, “Israel is seeking a new immigration of the Palestinians especially that the warning is not to passersby, but to residents living near the borderline. There are homes which are less than tens of meters away from the borderline, and there are agricultural lands close to the border fence.”

Twelve-year-old Muhammad Dughmush from the Tel Al-Hawa neighborhood of Gaza City was injured by a box of fliers dropped by Israeli choppers. According to Muawiya Hassanein, director of Ambulance and Emergency Services at the Palestinian Health Ministry, the boy received first aid at the Jordanian hospital before he was transferred to Ash-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, suffering bruises along his back.

The fliers were dropped over the homes of residents in Beit Hanoun and Beit Lahiya in northern Gaza, Ynet said, as well near communities in the south and central regions near Khan Younis, Kerem Shalom and Rafah.

In a statement, the Israeli military confirmed that it dropped the leaflets, warning that it "will operate against all those who approach the fence, due to the threat that they pose to the civilians of the State of Israel." linky link
Yeah, I can see how those stones the Palestinians throw can really cause damage to Israeli asshat settlers. Novel thought: If the settler cockroaches moved to the country of Israel, and left Palestine, they'd not be under attack.

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Barbara L said...

You left out one of their insults dear. When they did not have time to smear the walls with their excrement, they just left it on the floor as they walked out of the door, in homes with fully functioning washrooms! Or they left boxes of it.

Now, I don't know about you, but in all of my reading about soldiers and wars over the decades, I had never heard of this seemingly planned obsession with feces as an expression of self.

The Talmud is really big on feces too. IE if they hate you, and they really hate Jesus, like him your fate will be to "suffer in a cauldron of boiling feces".

Face almost all children experiment with fecal art perhaps once in their infancy. Any more than that and we wonder what went wrong, what can we do to fix, etc, and take the child to the pediatrician.

But THESE guys, they never let up with the feces stuff! Do you think, perhaps, that this is a true expression of their innermost being, what they feel they are? Or is this just simply what their nation has become? A pile of fecally obsessed juveniles prone to very very nasty tantrums?

As for the new 300 meters, this is yet another land grab. Two years of not farming and they will take it saying it is theirs because it has been ignored. That is what they have done with thousands of dunum of land already ~ kept the farmers from their groves and then taken them.

But you know, I watched a film just yesterday of a group of old farmers m and f, all on their knees weeding and chatting. Suddenly they are all under fire! They swiftly loaded up the wagons and as they left to escape the bullets, they were being shot from behind.

It is as bad as the boy they shot in the head with his goats, 13 yrs old, or the farmers loading parsley shot in the neck. Personally, my friend, I have a feeling it is like a sport, like hunting, to them more than anything else. Go out and hunt a Pali to pass the long hours. Improve your aim while you are at it.

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