05 June 2009

Anti-Muslim Party Elected in Holland

Yesterday we all voted in the European Election here in Ireland. Although the results are not to be known until Monday due to the fact that some countries are still voting, a nasty surprise emerged late last night. It was announced that the Dutch Racist Anti-Muslim party called..........wait for it........."Freedom Party" is expected to have huge wins, possibly taking up to 6 seats out of 25 in the Netherlands. So given that Obama will be pushing for the Zionist settlements to come down, perhaps the settlers may want to look at Holland for their new home, according to the election results they will fit right in.........what a disgrace.
Hard-right Dutch maverick Geert Wilders ahead in EU polls Anti-Islam politician's party could take six seats in European parliament

Geert Wilders, Holland's anti-immigrant, Muslim-baiting maverick, appeared to be heading for a triumph in his first European election tonight, with polls and surveys indicating that he could win the ballot in the Netherlands.

The Dutch, as well as the British, kicked off four days of elections to the European parliament across the EU's 27 countries. Wilders cast an optimistic vote in The Hague and declared that Turkey could not join the EU "in a million years".

A detailed poll-tracking survey, predict09.eu, run by political scientists at the London School of Economics and Trinity College Dublin, indicated that Wilder's Freedom party could take 21% of the vote and six of the Netherlands' 25 seats in Brussels and Strasbourg, ahead of the traditionally governing parties, the Christian Democrats and the Labour party, which are currently in coalition.

Wilders wants the European parliament abolished, and Bulgaria and Romania kicked out of the EU. The virulence of his anti-Islam and anti-immigrant activities saw him barred from entering Britain this year and the Dutch authorities are prosecuting him for discrimination.

The poll trackers predicted six seats for Wilders, compared with a projection of three a month ago. Opinion poll support for the tall, bleach-haired populist has doubled this year, while his video film Fitna stirred outrage with its graphic depiction of Islam as synonymous with violence and terrorism.

Voter confusion, apathy, and anger are likely to cause both a low turnout and a wave of anti-incumbent protest voting that will hit the mainstream parties and benefit extremists on the far right and the hard left, according to analysts. That appeared to be part of the picture in the Netherlands yesterday.

The parliament will still be dominated, however, by the two big groupings of the centre-right and centre-left, with the Christian Democrats of the European People's party mustering around 260 seats transnationally to the European Socialists' (social democrats) 200, according to the LSE team.

The new parliament has 49 fewer seats than the outgoing assembly, and outright anti-Europeans and eurosceptics are expected to increase their presence to around 100 seats. link

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Barbara L said...

Sorry to hear about that sweetie. This schill has the power of the elite behind him. THIS is one reason the EU is a bad idea. By the way, he would have looked better under a pancake that that darling bunny.

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