05 June 2009

The Show Will Go On~Without Israel

Israel is trying every thing to avoid allowing the truth to come out. Below is a depiction of the answer Richard Goldstone and his UN War Crimes investigation team received from Israel when they were asked about their war crimes:

Never mind though, the Investigation will go ahead without cooperation from the criminals. Richard Goldstone, the Jewish Judge from South Africa was on the tele yesterday and did a very good interview I thought. He stated that Israel has refused them entry into the country and also has refused to allow anyone to speak to the UN committee. Goldstone seemed annoyed and said that the investigation will go forward, that his team takes their work very seriously. They will investigate inside Gaza, then there will be an opportunity for the Israelis or anyone else to come forward and speak to the committee at the UN, a neutral place. He did not have any nice words for Israel, neither does anyone else in the world. They are merely criminals of the worst kind running from the law. No better than common murderers, crooks, thieves and liars. Justice will be served for the thousands of innocents in Palestine, the schools, the hospitals, the siege, the white phosphorous..........the list is endless, just like the Israelis racist behaviour. It knows no boundaries. Report below:
UN hearings to be held on Gaza war crimes
A UN team investigating possible war crimes in Gaza says it will hold public hearings with victims of the conflict in Gaza and Geneva later this month.

The team has spent the week interviewing witnesses and visiting sites damaged in Israel's three-week offensive, which ended on 18 January.

Richard Goldstone, who is heading the team, said it had hoped to hold hearings in Israel and the West Bank.

But Israel has refused to co-operate in the inquiry, accusing it of bias.
Anything Israel does not like is "Biased" or is based on the ever favorite, over used, phony term of "Anti-Semitism" Well, not this time Israel, people are no longer afraid to speak out on your crimes. Since they've used that term ad nauseum, what's left? Nothing is left, people see through Israel now. Israel's pattern of hiding behind the "Holocaust" and the "anti-semitism" label to both commit crimes and then to avoid paying for them.
Mr Goldstone said his 15-member team had visited 40 sites in Gaza and spoken to some 70 witnesses and relatives of victims. It had hoped to visit southern Israeli towns hit by Palestinian rocket fire, but was not allowed access.
This shoots a hole right into Israel's false claim that HAMAS rocket fire into Israel will not be addressed. Israel is blocking this team so that they can then say that the team did not investigate towns hit by HAMAS rocket fire in Israel.
Mr Goldstone said he hoped Israel's refusal to co-operate would not weaken the report, due for publication in September.

"If we haven't dealt with facts that Israel would like us to deal with, I think we can hardly be blamed for that," he added, according to news agency AP.
More on this below:
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has requested more than $11m (£7m) compensation from Israel for damage to UN property in Gaza, after he accused Israel of targeting known civilian shelters and providing untrue statements to justify actions in which civilians were killed.
The report found Israel to blame in six out of nine incidents when death or injury were caused to people sheltering at UN property and UN buildings were damaged.

The Israeli military has said that its troops fought lawfully, although errors did take place, such as the deaths of 21 people in a wrongly targeted house. A fact-finding team commissioned by the Arab League said there was sufficient evidence for the Israeli military to be prosecuted for war crimes and crimes against humanity, and that "the Israeli political leadership was also responsible for such crimes".

It also said Palestinian militants were guilty of war crimes in their use of indiscriminate attacks on civilians. link


Barbara L said...

Check out this piece at Goon Squad.

More vile "anti-Semites." The USS Liberty crew


I am very serious in this. They did it with Tienanmen Square. By ignoring it ever happened, by leaving it out of the books, in China this is a forgotten event.

So it is with the USS Liberty, and the Cole. It never happened despite living memories.

Just as Palestine never existed. They try to deny Nakba and originally thought, the old die, the adults die, the rest of them are gone, the young grow new memories and forget Palestine. Man they blew that one. Big time!

Did anyone ever take the US to its horrible chemical warfare in Vietnam? Not really. Same power mongers there, milady Irish. I am finding the true history of the last few hundred years to be fascinating going.

What we deal with here is just one in a long string of crimes against humanity. And although the world now learns faster, the ennui and disinterest of the populace is a sturdy weapon against the truth. Israel will deny deny deny ignore ignore ignore.

And those who are involved in this work to investigate and verify/expose the truth will be relegated to the sports section.

PlanetMichelle@ said...

Great point Barbara. The Zionists in particular wait for the new generations of Americans and write the Jewish history for them. They have infiltrated all our schools with their propaganda (as have done the Gay movement)I have to constantly deprogram my own kids from school and TV mind games. The job never ends. That's why it's important for us to keep talking about it through blogs etc. and remember to keep up with school programs and what's going into the kid's heads on a regular basis. Apparantly it's just how the "system" works and it will take us all if we let it. Example: Obama called "holocaust denial" evil and ignorant yesterday. When we hear the word holocaust what do we think of? Of course there is ony a JEWISH holocaust. It belongs to THEM. Did he mention the Palestinian holocaust? Or use the term genocide? Holocaust denial is not the denial that the Jews of Europe were not political prisoners, but that's exactly what they were. Did not the Jews in the U.S. have a boycott going against Germany? So the Jews were deemed "enemies of the state." The Zionists blame the Arab problem on Hamas, Hizbolla, the Arabs armies and what have you. Therefore they do not use the term "holocaust" or "genocide." So there seems to be a double standard that Obama plays right into. He's not stupid, he knows what he's doing. The devil is in the details.

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