29 June 2009

Ehud Barak To Freeze Settlements "Oh Horse Shit"

A three month freeze? Seriously these people are truly the most outrageous crooks and liars ever to exist. Freeze settlements mi arse! What he really means is that they won't "start" any more for three months, but will continue to complete the hundreds of settlements already begun, including the ones where they have stolen only one house. yes, they will give their construction workers a "three months" summer vacation, how nice. Rest assured, they will continue to evict Palestinians from East Jerusalem and bulldoze their homes as well. Freeze Settlements? What do they take people for, Idiots?
Israel to offer three-month settlement freeze: report

Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak is to propose a limited three-month freeze on settlement growth in response to increased pressure from Washington, army radio reported on Sunday.

Barak, who is to meet US Middle East envoy George Mitchell in New York on Monday, will propose the freeze as a compromise to the demand from its closest ally for a complete halt to settlement activity on occupied land, it said.more