29 June 2009

Israel Poisons Palestinian Water

Ya know, wouldn't it be grand to wake up one day and not have to read where Zionist Racists murdered a non-Jew, attacked a non-Jew, attempted to kill a non-Jew, stolen land from a non-Jew, perpetuated crimes against humanity on a non-Jew. Until they can learn to become humans perhaps they should all be shot into space, yes, that's it!! And be given their own rocky desert planet, so they can live with only their kind forever and always, which, is of course their dream to expel everyone "not" like them from the middle east. Don't they know there is a word for that? "Racist"
Israeli soldiers poured dirt, stones and toxic chemicals in the only well in the hamlet of Khirbat Makehl near the village of Ya’bad in the northern West Bank overnight on Saturday, according to Palestinians in the community.

The village’s official representative, Walid Hamdan, said soldiers riding in three military jeeps entered the community overnight and sabotaged the well. The chemicals caused the water to change color and taste, he said.

The 80 cubic-meter well is the only source of water for the village of 70 to 80 families, Hamdan said.

He also said that, since the village lies near the Israeli settlement of Hermesh, the armed guards of the settlement often harass and assault Palestinians, particularly herders who venture near the edges of the settlement. Israeli forces also sometimes close the road leading to the community, preventing deliveries of food. source


PlanetMichelle@ said...

Wow,that's so early Irgun.
I hope I am alive to see the Zionists literally run screaming into the sea. I hope it happens exactly that way. I think they know it will because they talk about it as the thing they fear most as a state. They know their evil end can be nothing else.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you sir. I wish the Zionist could be sent to a little island where they could live with their fellow Jews. There's one problem with that wish. Jews are vampires by nature. They need a host to live off of and suck their blood out. I wish there was an answer that we could implement right now but until the USA stops supporting these criminals we will have to wait.

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