01 June 2009

Hey Israel? "No One Gives A Damn"

Holy Moly, someone put lead in Egypt's pencil. They are "Channelling Obama" Ya know, I spend a lot of time bashing Egypt because they are an Arab state and they are helping the Zionist terrorists maintain an illegal siege on the people of Gaza. However, once in a while they get something right. Either that, or Obama is whispering in their ear.......
Egypt: Iran less important than peace process

Egypt does not agree with Israel's point of view that Iran's nuclear ambitions are a higher priority for the region than Mideast peace, the presidential spokesman said Sunday.

Israel is looking to rally moderate Arab nations around the idea that Iran is the common danger to the whole region. The comments from presidential spokesman Suleiman Awwad, however, indicate that Egypt refuses to let Israel side step the issue of the peace process.

His remarks come just ahead of President Barack Obama's visit to the region and a high profile speech expected to address the faltering peace process.

"With regard to attempts to say Iran is a common danger, President Mubarak's and Egypt's priority is on the Palestinian issue," he told reporters in Cairo. "This will remain the priority regardless of the numerous dangers and threats in the Middle East."

The Israeli view is that the international community must deal with Tehran first, saying it poses a threat not just to the Jewish state but also to Arab nations in the region.

That view is not finding much support in the Arab world.
Sorry, but can I just say "Awe, poor little Israel, Not workin for ya anymore Israel? Can't convinve anyone to help you commit another genocide on one of your neighbours? Looks like no one gives a damn.....

I digress, back to the article:
In a much-anticipated speech in Egypt on Thursday Obama is expected to stress a commitment to strengthening U.S. ties to the Muslim worldlink

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Barbara L said...

WOOHOOO! I detest Mubarak to be honest. My Egyptian friends tell me of the awful drops in their family living circumstances under his reign.

But, let him be used in the Spoiled Piggie Prince deal and that would be GOOD.

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