01 June 2009

Israel Throwing Toys Out of Pram

Stand back Obama, Israel is having a major temper tantrum, and it's gonna get uglier as they go through withdrawals. Yep, Israel is like a big fat ugly wrinkly racist baby (with nuclear weapons) that has never been told the word "No!" and now they are throwing all their toys out of the pram. Can't get your way? Then sling a racist remark at the President of the United States. Yeah, that's the ticket, boy that will show em! How dare America pursue America's best interest, how dare America stand up to the Ugly Fat Baby in the Middle East. How dare they! Temper tantrum below, enjoy LOL:
An Israeli minister has described US President Barack Obama as a 'Pharaoh' amid the signs of a deepening rift between the two allies.

The remarks by Israeli Science and Technology Minister Daniel Hershkowitz were made after Obama called for an unconditional freeze in settlement construction in the occupied West Bank.

"The demand to prevent natural growth in settlements is unreasonable and is akin to Pharaoh's demand that all firstborn sons be thrown into the Nile River," Hershkowitz was quoted by Ynet as saying on Sunday.
Oooooooh, can we start by throwing the big fat ugly racist baby (with nuclear weapons) into the Nile first??? Oh Puleeeeeez........
Washington has earlier demanded that any halt in the settlement work include what Israel calls "natural growth."
Translation: We want to take over the entire region with transplanted Jews from all over the world. Rhetorical Question to my Dear readers. Ever notice how all the Israeli talking heads are ALL from somewhere else? Never hear a middle eastern accent do we?Let's take the racist murder rationalizer Mark Regev, whom we saw on television many times during the Gaza Genocide attempting to "explain" and lie Israel's way out of admitting it used white phosphorous and other war crimes. Yeah, fer sure, he was born in Israel with that Australia accent, mi arse. This is what the Zionist racists call "natural growth" Like cockroaches, they want all other cockroaches to come to "Cockroach Heaven" so they will have millions of Cockroaches to infest all the land. That's the plan. Article continues,WARNING HANKYS AT THE READY:
"What will we say to a family living with one child, which now has four or five children? That the children will move to Petah Tikva? The Americans must understand that this is an unreasonable demand, and we must confront them firmly," he added.
FOUR possible answers for this self created dilemma. 1. Send them back from whence they came. 2. Ever hear of birth control? 3. Would retro-abortion work in this scenario? 4. Behave like normal people and live together with those of other faiths and cultures, a novel idea! Then you won't have to steal other peoples land.
Meanwhile Interior Minister Eli Yishai also slammed Obama for the demand.

"The demand to freeze the construction in settlements is a decree the government and public cannot endure, particularly in terms of the natural growth in the settlements."
There's the lie again Folks!
However, Israeli ministers were at odds over the handling of the issue with left wing cabinet members urging their fellow ministers to avoid a dispute with the US administration.

"We must understand that the rules of the game have changed," Welfare Minister Isaac Herzog said. "The current American government views the situation differently than the two presidents who preceded Obama."
I say DANG!! He "gets it" quick, give that man a prize!!
He added "if you'll want the full glass, you'll end up with one that is half empty. If you do not create a diplomatic horizon, you will lose the Americans' support." link
Oh Yeah! It's gonna be "Handbags at Dawn" between Obama and Israel, who has the biggest handbag? I'm betting Obama. And looky here, Germany wading in as well! Great, get another handbag!

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Barbara L said...

Darling, it is 6 am and I cannot sleeep and I am grouchy. Thank you for a major laugh! You are such a very professional serious writer .... chortles.

A very fat very pink cartoon piglet baby! Sort of like a very young Porky Pig. The whole visual that you paint will stand by me today when I have to go and wait in line and do a lot of unpleasant tasks. Thank you. Now, here is the catch.

I am going to put up a post I have been meaning to do for awhile. This is from a man whose work I highly admire and have for years now. The esoteric knowledge I have of the dark ones has been an ongoing pursuit most of my life, but he ties it is sooo well, his name is Freeman and he is brilliant. He almost out Icke's David Icke but, being of an old Masonic family, he has a different angle and it is alwys fascinating. Take a look please and give it a read. That crazy Israeli might be on to something with that comparison.

BUT I do believe that something is going to happen between the two. I would like to think Barackenaten DOES have what it takes to make a few changes even though he is still surrounded by Zionist stooges.

ALso, I am not sure how this works out or how much they were in on this together, but that bombing of the mosque in Southern Iran? Mossad has put out, just a little slip of course, that America did it. The mess has MOSSAD written all over it. So publicly there will be a rebuttal.

Yes let us pray that the piggy baby gets even ruder to America. You know that they had the original PNAC. If you have not watched MISSING LINKS I advise you sit down for a little time and do so. You will see what Americans refuse to see, or have not been allowed to see. I would LOVE to see cracks in this relationship!

Smoochies... have a great day Ms.Irish

Ok reincarnational stuff aside, but I did think of this when I read this article the othe day.

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