04 June 2009

Washington & Israel In Withdrawals

The AIPAC owned Rats are having a MELTDOWN.................

This is hysterical. All the little furry little money lined AIPAC owned Democrats are scurrying around like trapped rats, worried the money will stop lining their pockets from AIPAC if they don't somehow manage to get Obama under control regarding the rogue state of Israel. And of course you have the Zionist ones like Weiner the wanker, and Steny Hoyer, with his Republican Zio-Pal side kick Eric Cantor, and the other 327 mouthpieces of AIPAC and Israel within the US government. The article below covers the ugly withdrawal symptoms, but they just don't "get it" yet. Obama is not doing this because he suddenly discovered a great love for the Palestinians. Nope, he's doing it because it suits American interests.
Democrats rebuff Obama's Israel comments

WASHINGTON (AFP) — On the eve of President Barack Obama's key address to Muslims as part of a Middle East tour, the US leader faced growing pressure from fellow Democrats in Congress over his tough stance on Israel.

"I think the president went beyond where I think it was appropriate for us to go in dealing with another democracy," said Democratic Representative Anthony Weiner.(Weiner the Wanker)

"Any conversations about settlements, which are perfectly reasonable, have to be coupled with a sincere effort on the part of the Palestinians."
Um, listen "Weiner" they don't need a sincere effort, they are dying at the hands of your Zionist state's illegal siege, which, I may remind you, is an act of war. The "sincere" effort needs to come from the Nazi's running Israel now. And they can start by giving back the land they stole.
In a rare public spat between Israel and its staunchest ally, the Obama administration has repeatedly demanded that Israel halt all settlement activity in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who heads a largely right-wing cabinet, has so far refused and insisted on Israel's right to "natural growth" in the settlements, a euphemism for additional construction to accommodate population growth.

Weiner (the Wanker) told a news conference he agreed with Netanyahu's stance.

"To say that a family that introduces a new child to their house can't build a wing onto their home, I think goes beyond what I think should be US policy," Weiner said.
Is this guy serious, or is he trying to audition for the Comedy Club? Cuz I'm not laughin, well actually I AM laughing at the meltdown of the Zionist owned American politicians. Seriously, what gives Israel the right to bring fellow nazi zionists from all over the world to live in Israel, encourage them to breed like rabbits, then use that as an excuse to steal land from other countries. And then when Palestinians and Lebanese react to the stealing of THEIR land, Israel bombs them into the stone age. Yeah, continuing to support that serves American interests really well................not.Hasbara continues:
"We have to be careful not to cross the line where it sounds like we are exerting the overwhelming pressure that we have at our disposal on our rather isolated ally ... The concern that we have is that that line has been approached by President Obama."
Oh, get the hankies out, can you hear the violins in the background now? It's the greatest tragedy, poor little Israel, always the perpetual victim, mi arse. I say cross the line Obama and do it now!
Weiner (the Wanker) was also seconded by other(AIPAC owned) Democrats, who enjoy broad (pockets and wallets from AIPAC) majorities in both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

The administration's stance "was a decisive change of American policy and prior American-Israeli agreements" of the past 20 years, said Shelley Berkley,(another AIPAC owned Politician) a Nevada Democrat.

"We are very, very concerned that the statements were made so publicly to such a close and strong ally as the state of Israel."(Ok, how much does she get for that statement one wonders?)

New York Congressman Joseph Crowley (another AIPAC owned congressman)said he was "very careful in questioning another democracy and the decisions that they make that would impose on their sovereignty." (Ooooooh, pulling out all the stops now, talking with big important words like "sovereignty" Woooo Hoooo.......)

Israel, he added, "has demonstrated over and over again her willingness to work towards a lasting peace within the Middle East." (Sorry, but what world does he live in. Oh yeah, the world where AIPAC owns congress, that world!)
These AIPAC owned Congressmen are like BF skinners rats, they've been conditioned with money by Israel for far too long. Time to be de-programed. But Again, be clear on why Obama is so focused on resolving the Israeli mess. Israel is past it's sell by date and Obama must realise this. For America to forge new relationships with the Arab world, and especially Iran, will help America in a great many ways, including financial ways, security, assistance in areas that Israel just can't deliver on. e.g. Taliban and Al Qaeda. yup, Israel is pretty worthless in the big picture. Toodles to the racist murdering rogue statelet, and hello to a new world order that does not include Israel. For whatever reason, Palestine will benefit.


PlanetMichelle@ said...

well Irishman I hope you are right about a new world order that does not include Israel. I am under the impression that the Nazis own us and that everything I see is a gameplay towards the Zionist end. But could I be wrong, could this really be more interesting than that? Like, a surprising twist in the thus far obvious plot? Could Obama actually have his own brain and furthermore...use it? When I think of it that way though, I imagine him being served a plate of grapes with a poisonous snake in it. I joked with my husband earlier today, I asked him does he think Obama has a food taster. He said yeah, his wife. Well so much for jokes...but really. Could Obama really be able to think and do? I dunno, I am a chronic cynic since the Bush era. If Obama really does care about the U.S.A. it would make life so much more interesting with Needayahoo at the other end of the shtick. I mean stick. He is as arrogant as Sharon. It wasn't untill I saw his face again after all these years that I realized why D.C. is teaming with Zionists. They are too smart to be at the mercy of U.S. yahoos. Of course the Plan must have always been to turn that the other way around. Then the financial meltdown happened and i knew it. We are their slaves plain and simple. Israel won't go down with the U.S. the Zionazis are the New World Masters. Unless I am wrong! I hope! After all, the story ain't over and anything could happen....

Barbara L said...

Zionism/Communism/Fascism. All the same game with a few minor variations to give the people various illusions.

BUT the plan is... Communism. That is the word that is most "harmonious" with Zionism.

Historically that is the plan that has killed 100 million Christians over the past hundred years. Most of the leaders of the Red Terror brigades were Jews under false names, one of their bestest tricks.

That piece I posted last night .. the interview with Harold Wallace Rosenthal left me feeling dirty because it exposed so many of their little tricks.

And I do not trust Obama. There is no way his handler Emmanuel, the gay pit bull of Israel, would let him do this. This feels to me like the classic good cop/bad cop game being set up.

After all, Israel has already put out word that their Mossad bombing in S. Iran last weekend was an American job and the media here has not said a peep about any of it at all. Something is afoot between the two nations, Allah save us all.

Barbara L said...

BTW Irish,

I got an email from the Rat Association yesterday ... again.

They are still visibly upset at your consistent comparisons to the Zionists.

One said he was ready to give up his life supply of 10 year old cheddar cheese if you would cease and desist.

He said pigs were fair game however.

PlanetMichelle@ said...

Every time Obama opens his mouth I lose "hope." Even my Palestinian Husband has this "hope" thing for crying out loud! Listening to his speech in Cairo, it only takes ONE mistake to clue me in. He mentions the piddly ass Hamas (or who even knows)home made rockets before the vicious Israeli attack on Gaza and does not even MENTION what happened to the Gazans! How does the death of 13 Israelis compare to an all out genocide? It does not even deserve a mention? A "gosh that really sucked" acknowledgment? Obama sucks.

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