22 June 2009

Israel Gets Dirty & Steals

Israel says to Gaza, here, have some cancer, whilst we steal natural gas from your pipline to give to our racist population of gluttons. Additionally, we have confirmation of what the world knows already. A British researcher's tests conclude the Zionist Jihadist Terrorists used "dirty bombs" in Gaza. War Crimes, coming soon, to an International Jurisdiction Court near you Israel. Evil Rogue State.........
OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)-- Peter Eyre, a British researcher in the usage of uranium during wars, revealed that the laboratory tests conducted in Wales on samples taken from the post-war Gaza Strip showed that Israel had used dirty bombs which have devastating results in the long run.

Eyre confirmed, in a report published in Palestine Telegraph newspaper, that Israel used white phosphorus and weapons that contain depleted uranium in violation of the Geneva Convention.

The British researcher pointed out that the use of these internationally-prohibited weapons led to the spread of cancers and other relevant diseases among citizens.

The newspaper said that Eyre is expected to arrive in Gaza aboard the Free Gaza boat in the coming days carrying with him documents proving that Israel stole natural gas from Gaza shores.

In another context, former Knesset speaker Avraham Burg strongly criticized Israel on Saturday and described it as the “devil” because of its fascist practices

During a lecture organized by the Sikui association for the advancement of civic equality between Jews and Arabs in Israel, Burg directed a scathing criticism at Israel’s policy and ideology which he described as “racist". His lecture raised the ire of some of the audience and forced them to leave the room.
Awe, never mind, only Zionist supporters who don't matter in the least.
He also said that the Oslo accord failed, despite it was approved by both sides at the beginning, due to several reasons including that Israel saw the negotiations as a real estate deal. link

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Michelle said...

Israel did the same thing not only in S. Lebanon but numerous times in Palestinian areas including schools inbetween outright attacks that we are even aware of.
What international court?

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