02 June 2009

Israel Hiding In Rat Holes~WAR CRIMES

Cowardly Israeli Rat government are running around like vermin trying to hide from the War Crimes investigation. Scurrying into into every crevice they can find, squeezing into rat holes, hiding behind their rat hole borders. But they cannot escape. The Vermin Control Squad headed by Richard Goldstone will still carry out their investigation without assistance from the Criminal rats hiding in their rat holes.
Israel said Monday that it will not cooperate with the UN inquiry panel to investigate alleged violations of international humanitarian law during the Israeli military offensive on Gaza

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Ehud Barak made the remarks to reporters after meeting with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at UN Headquarters.link
Why are the Israeli Cowardly Rats hiding? Here's part of what they are hiding from:

The American International School in Gaza.........DESTROYED~WAR CRIME
Get your wallets out America, you'll foot the bill for this one!

Human shields...........................WAR CRIMES

Hundreds of dead babies and children murdered......WAR CRIMES

Ah, but here's the one that's gonna get you Israel. This little child below will hang you. You herded her family into a death camp, then murdered them all. Problem is she lived, and now you Rat Criminals will pay.Samouni Family murdered in their home, daughter survives.........WAR CRIMES

So run to your rat holes you cowards, you can't hide anymore, the moral world wants justice and we will have it!


Barbara L said...

On behalf of respectable rats, fully paid up with my dues to Rodent Citizens of the Planet, I highly resent your comparing US to that vermin!

Yesterday it was my brother, the Respectable Pig, today the rats! Now, WHEN WILL THIS SLANDER CEASE!

We animals live by a code of honor. We do not believe in killing for the fun of it. Nor do we have useless territorial wars and then blame the Almighty for it!

OK,OK, so we spread a few bugs around here and there, but we were NOT responsible for the black and bubonic plagues a few centuries ago! That was done by those creatures and they put the blame on US once again ~ for BOTH!

And if due to hunger we sometimes trespass in your homes and accidentally leave behind a few small "reminders" it is only because we are not potty trained, unlike those THINGS who purposefully left insulting excrement around to make a statement.

SO PLEASE, MS.IRISH, stop insulting the animal world! Love us or loathe us, we are natural beasts unlike those spawn of Satan.

(PS none of us are fond of cock roaches so they are fair game!)

Free Palestine Writers said...

Cheers Barbara, unfortunately the rats, pigs and cockroaches will have to lend themselves and their habits until the Zionists are disarmed and begin behaving like human beings, instead of said animals and insects:)

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