22 June 2009

Israel~We Own The Ocean AND Your Fish

Israel says to hungry Gazan Fisherman, “We Own The Entire Ocean and Your Fish” unless, of course, you want to spy for us...........
The Israeli occupation navy seized four Gazan fishermen on Monday morning after stopping their boats off the Gaza City coast. They were taken to Israel’s Ashdod port, north of the Gaza Strip.

Head of the Palestinian fishermen’s union Nizar Ayyash said that Israeli warships obstructed two fishing boats, taking four fishermen, all members of the As-Sultan family, while they were sailing in the As-Sudaniyya area. He said Israeli occupation navy officers beat the fishermen and also confiscated their boats.

The Israeli occupation’s navy prohibits Gazan fishermen from sailing more than three miles from the coast. If fishermen attempt to sail farther, they are pursued, shot at, detained, and often asked to become informers for Israeli intelligence. Under the Oslo peace agreements, Israel is obligated to allow Palestinians to fish as far as 20 nautical miles from Gaza.

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Barbara L said...

I have written many times about this situation with the fishermen of Galilee and the IOF. For some reason the media gives little press time to the pirates of the Gaza strip yet, let a Somalian pirate pull a stunt and it is international top news. Go figger huh?

These fishermen know, even if they wanted to help Israel out, which of course is preposterous, or even if they were forced to because of threats to their family, whatever the reason, Hamas would have them strung up by the baby toes ~ if they were in a merciful mood.

The water used by the IOF is frequently "dirty" water from an Israeli city, take it from there. Trust a parasite to be knee deep in fecal matter if given the opportunity.

They make the men strip and swim to their boat. Just another humiliation. They harass them by stealing their boats and IF they return it, it comes back minus important or expensive equipment that must be replaced for safety reasons.

They do this not only to harass, but also because it breaks their spirits.. or so they think. But also, it keeps yet another form of independence and nourishment from the people of Gaza. Fish has always been an important part of the diet and now, nada almost.

Here is a great site if you are interested in keeping aware of what goes on in the oceans.

This is a blog about the Palestinian fishermen. It is administrated by ISM Gaza Strip

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