24 June 2009


It appears the UN team who are now investigating the ZOF "Zionist Occupying Force" war crimes will be screening the hearings live. My first reaction was "Wooooo Whoooo" but then common sense and my spidy hairs began to tingle, always a bad sign. I wonder why this is? Why they would want to publicly air information that surely would piss off the Zionist Entity to the nth degree. The answer is one of three things. Either this is some sort of a larger picture to publicly humiliate Israel so as to give Obama some ammunition (excuse the pun) to use in order to force them into making peace. Or....the two bad options would be that this Team has already excluded any claims on various grounds, and they want to appear open and above board by listing the alleged crimes and then refuting them one by one. Or lastly, they found crimes were committed but are somehow unable to charge Israel and airing them publically is meant to mollify Gazans and the world. I vote #3 but hope I'm wrong, but what say you good people? Here's the report:
UN's Gaza war crimes probe to screen hearings live

The United Nations team which is investigating alleged war crimes committed during Operation Cast Lead, last January, announced on Wednesday that it would broadcast the hearings it plans to hold with Palestinian and Israeli victims live.

The team, led by veteran war crimes investigator Richard Goldstone, will hold the hearings in Gaza City on Sunday and Monday, UN officials said. (I hope there is live online streaming!!!)

Spokeswoman Doune Porter said that the hearings would be broadcast and the media would be allowed to view them from a separate room.

She said Wednesday that the team also would hold hearings in Geneva on July 6-7 under the same conditions. LINK