17 June 2009

SHOCKING~Alaskans Trapped!!!

In a shocking development, the hardline Canadian government voted recently to restrict Americans who want to move from the US territory of Alaska to mainland USA. Although Alaska is part of the USA, Canada owns the territory between the lower 48 states and Alaska.

According to the new legislation, no American living in Alaska is allowed to move to the lower 48 states, except under “exceptional” circumstances. Only those Alaskans who have close family living in the lower 48 will even be considered to relocation.

Sound ridiculous? Of course it does, to think that an American cannot live anywhere inside America because some other country says so is ludicrous.

So NOW how ridiculous is it?

If it would be an unfair outrageous abuse to Americans, an act of war and aggression, then that is what it is to Palestinians. What would be deemed as unacceptable to Americans must also be unacceptable to Palestinians. To think otherwise exposes your hypocrisy and racism. Report below:

Israel has imposed new restrictions barring Palestinians living in Gaza from moving to the West Bank, two Israeli human rights groups said on Tuesday.

According to the new regulation, which was presented by the Israeli state to the High Court of Justice in response to several petitions, no Palestinian living in Gaza is allowed to apply for residency in the West Bank except under exceptional circumstances, according to the Jerusalem Post newspaper.

Only Gazans who have close family registered as living in the West Bank will even be considered for a permit to move there, the paper said.

"Israel is systematically taking action to further isolate the Gaza Strip, while increasing the geographic and political separation between Gaza and the West Bank," said rights groups Gisha and Hamoked.

"The new procedure contradicts a long list of Israeli undertakings to conduct negotiations for the establishment of an independent, viable Palestinian state, including an explicit commitment in the Oslo Accords to preserve the status of the West Bank and Gaza Strip as 'a single territorial unit,'" the groups said.

According to the regulation, there are three criteria for allowing movement from the Gaza Strip to the West Bank, but only if the applicant does not have a "security impediment."

In order to be considered, a Palestinian living in Gaza must fulfill one of the following criteria, as quoted by the Jerusalem Post:

Someone who suffers from a chronic medical condition and who has no other family member (not necessarily of the first degree) in Gaza to provide care.

• A minor under the age of 16 living with one parent in Gaza who dies and another living in the West Bank, on condition that there is no relative in Gaza to look after the minor. Even if she does have such relatives, Israel may allow her or her to move, depending on the nature of her relationship with the living parent.

• A person over the age of 65 who is in a "needy situation" and has a “first-degree relative” in the West Bank who can help him, conditional, in part, on not having relatives in the West Bank.

According to the regulation, anyone who meets one of these criteria and is allowed to move, will receive a temporary permit, renewable each year, for seven years. After seven years, if he or she has proven he is not deemed a “security threat,” he or she may be entered in the West Bank population registry. link

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Barbara L said...

WOW, I live near Alaska and we have never heard a word of this in Canada.

Wonder what purpose this serves since our two nations are, alas, intertwined on so many levels. There is a lot of rumble going on about war up north ~ with Russia ~ ever since they planted their flag underwater a few years ago.

NATO is working on strategies and the north is being militarized. Personally, Irish, I am just so sick of this infernal squabbling that I cannot deal with reading much about it. It sickens me, truly it does.

I am wondering if this is part and parcel of preparations of some sort. Amazing we have not heard Palin speaking out about this. To be honest, most Alaskans are very happy to be away from mainland America ~ they went there to get away!

We shall see...

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