16 June 2009

What Have We Here~Hamas Foils Attack on Carter?

UPDATE x1 It's now being reported all over the place, again from the original source.

This is being reported in Haaretz, and two other Israeli papers only, here and the original source here from Maariv which is a pro Israeli Hebrew paper I have translated in the link. I find this very odd, three Israeli papers, no where else, and Hamas seems to be denying this took place. Hmmmmm

Three things strike me, first, if it's true, this only serves to prove that Hamas is more than capable of governing Gaza. Move along, nothing to see here, all sorted.

If it is not true, then why is it being published, and published in only three Israeli papers, the later two taking it from the main source at Maariv,and repeating it. I also have to ask myself the question, when does Hamas do interviews with pro-Israeli Hebrew news papers? Probably never. Yet this paper is claiming confirmation from Hamas who are denying it took place. Again, Hmmmmm. Israelis may have published this to create riffs inside Palestine, between Hamas and others, that's my bet. And it also has the "added benefit" of placing a damper on what was a brilliant visit by Carter in order to give the very false impression that Gaza is unsafe for people like Carter to visit, which, is not true.

Thirdly, how convenient for Israel if this is true, and how convenient it happened at the Israeli border. Instead of insluting Hamas, if I were Israel I'd be wondering why I didn't know what was taking place on my own border. Again I say, Hmmmmmm So maybe Israel should be praising Hamas for doing what it could not, "if" this incident is even true.
Hamas has foiled an attempt by Palestinian militants to attack former U.S. president Jimmy Carter during his visit to the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian source told news agencies on Tuesday.

Now, if this story gets wings and begins to be used to attack Hamas or denigrate Carters visit to Gaza, then I'd have to ask why the story of the foiled bomb attempt on George Mitchell in Lebanon did not receive the same treatment. Time will tell.

According to the source, militants linked with Al-Qaida planted two roadside bombs at a border crossing between Gaza and Israel with the intent of striking Carter's vehicle on his way out of the coastal territory. Witnesses reported seeing Hamas forces patrolling near the Erez crossing and detonating the explosives.

Hamas Interior Ministry spokesman Ihab al-Rassin denied the reports, however, saying the group's forces had engaged in routine activity and had no information of an assassination attempt.

Associates of the former president said they had received briefing on the matter, but would not elaborate on the matter.