16 June 2009

The Sound of Silence~Israel Continues War

Listen? Can you hear that? It is the sound of deafening silence. Explanation after post below:
Jenin – Ma’an – Israeli warplanes airdropped soldiers into the West Bank, south of Jenin on Monday night and Tuesday morning.

According to witnesses the airdrops began at 11pm and continued until Tuesday morning in an area between the town of Qabatiya and the village of Kfeir.

Israeli soldiers also raided the village of Salilat Al-Harthiyeh, roaming the streets and launching stun grenades. No injuries or arrests were reported.

A raid was also reported in the village of Silah, west of Nablus, early on Tuesday.
Ask yourself one little question. Reverse this situation and then what would you hear? Armed Terrorists enter Israeli town, raiding the village and terrorizing the residents by launching stun grenades. The international community, led by the United States has condemned the attacks and called for the terrorists to abandon violence and disarm to move the peace process forward.

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sarasmom said...

touche. Of course the reverse would be terrorism. Only Israel can operate in "self defense."
Anyway this post about silence reminded me that for Palestinians, silence means that trouble is brewing. I heard that years ago.

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