12 June 2009

Zionist Terrorists to Pay Up

UN Chief Ban Ki-moon is reportedly considering fining Israel for its attacks on United Nation facilities during Tel Aviv's carnage on the Gaza Strip.

During the carnage, Israeli forces attacked three UN-run schools in the Gaza Strip, killing at least 45 civilians. Most of the victims had taken refuge in the buildings to escape the raining Israeli fire on Gaza.

Israeli soldiers also opened fire on a UN relief agency convoy in the Gaza Strip during a three-hour military ceasefire.

report continues after photos below of War Crimes committed on UN Facilities in Gaza:

The USD 11 million fine was recommended by a committee elected to investigate the damage done by Israel to UN structures during Operation Cast Lead, Ban told a press conference in New York.

Secretary-General Ban's decision to fine Israel over damages to UN buildings come while the loss of over a thousand people in the Gaza Strip has remained uncompensated.

A fifteen-member mission headed by South African Jewish jurist Richard Goldstone entered the impoverished strip in early June to launch an investigation into Israel's alleged war crimes in the region.

Israel, however, made every effort to stall the UN probe. Goldstone's delegation was repeatedly denied visa's into the Gaza Strip in a move labeled as "disappointing" by the UN official.

Israel has refused to cooperate with any systematic investigations. It has rejected the International Criminal Court (ICC) and is not cooperating the United Nations Human Rights Council fact-finding mission to Gaza. source