11 June 2009

Why Obama MUST Control Israel

Just read this brilliant article in Haaretz on various Israeli government and elected officials reactions to Obama's speech in Cairo. For anyone that does not fully grasp the seriousness of what Israel has become needs to read this. Excerpts are included in this post below.

Firstly Ehud Barak says Palestinians already have a country. Even though every single aspect of their lives are totally controlled by the Zionist Entity.

Our own Barak, Defense Minister Ehud, who used to be considered at least as brilliant as Obama, told Etgar Keret in an interview with Haaretz yesterday: "Where does the [Palestinian nation] live? In a cage? A jail? A swimming pool?" And Barak's own answer to this question: "It lives in its country."

The Palestinians, who cannot travel from one village to another without permission from Israel, who have no basic human rights and who have been trampled underfoot, humiliated and imprisoned without any sign of sovereignty, are already living as a free people in their country. If the defense minister really thinks so, then there is grave cause for concern
And then there is this little gem in an interview by Klil Zisapel with President Shimon Peres.

all the nonsense he had to say about concealing the Nakba - the Palestinians' catastrophe of 1948. We shall only mention that he replied to the question with the sentence: "Nanotechnology existed in the days of Moses." Apparently Obama's speech did make waves. Now Peres, too, is a nano-statesman.
And there's more.....
. Another small businessman, Interior Minister Eli Yishai, is working to change the law so he will be able to revoke Israeli Arabs' citizenship. A representative of the oppressed classes, he also says that millions of shekels should be allocated to settlements in the territories which, he says, have been suffering "discrimination" for many years.
And they want to outlaw commemorating the Nakba, seriously. And Israel dares to be outraged at "holocaust deniers"??? Yet they deny the Nakba
The Ministerial Committee on Legislation has proposed a law: three years in prison for commemorating the Nakba.
And if you are an Arab living in Galilee, they are demanding a "loyalty oath" to Zionism in order for you to be allowed to live in your home. This would be like requiring a Jew to swear an oath to the Pope if they live in Rome. As if........
Communities in the Segev Bloc in the Galilee are demanding a loyalty oath to Zionism as a condition for living there
And if you are a Jewish settler and you murder a Palestinian, you get off........Scot free
Ze'ev Braude, a Jewish settler in the West Bank who shot Palestinians in view of the cameras, will not be put on trial
And what about Israeli Judges? Who appoints them? Why would they let off murderers? Here's the answer:
National Union MK David Rotem and Yisrael Beiteinu MK Uri Ariel, members of nationalist-racist parties, both of them residents of settlements the United States and the world call illegitimate, are the Knesset's representatives on the committee for selecting judges.
And what about those illegal colonizing settlements :
the prime minister is saying that the demand to freeze natural growth in the settlements is "not fair," as though it were possible to talk about fairness when discussing the settlements.
See, like a child who has always had it's way, they scream "It's Not Fair" And yet another voice ads to the racist fray, calling for sanctions against America, no less LOL:
Minister without Portfolio Yossi Peled (yes, he too is a minister) is proposing that Israel impose sanctions on the United States, like the mouse that roared
Here's the deal people; Israel has spun totally out of control, it has done so, because it is never told the word "no" It never has to pay for what it does, never held responsible for it's crimes, never held accountable for it's lies, it never had to fund itself, to survive free from the 3 billion a year from American taxpayers.

Imagine a small child who had a horrible thing happen to it, then, because of that horrible thing in it's past, this child is then allowed to do whatever it wants, for the rest of it's life. Take whatever it wants, have whatever it wants, suffer no consequences for anything. Thus never learning to compromise, to get along, to respect others or to even develop human emotions for those unlike themselves.

As this child continues to grow, and as it gets older, it becomes less aware of humanity. And ultimately looses it moral compass, because it only focuses on itself and its own selfish self-centred goals of "getting more and more." And anyone who has a spoilt child will know that no matter what, or how much they get, it is never quite enough, they are never satisfied. Because this is not the way to becoming or feeling self fulfilled, nor is it anyway to become respected in your own right. Not when you continually have the deck stacked, cheat, lie and steal to get what you have. No one respects a bully, no one!

The child spends all it's time trying to make itself bigger and better, always at the expense of others. It lives on its own, but does not fully support itself. It relies on huge sums of money from someone else (America), who has been made to feel guilty for years and thus keeps falling for the Sob Story and continues handing over billions each year, whilst turning a blind eye to the crimes the spoilt child commits daily. Even murder is ignored. And coupled with this, the spiteful child has its own "political gang" called AIPAC, which uses bribes and heavy handedness to force others to keep supporting this child, no matter what the outcome, or who gets hurt in the process.

So, what we are all seeing when we read this week about the young Jews calling Obama the "n" word, the illegal Zionist settlers also calling Obama the "n" word, but then taking it up a notch saying they will burn a Palestinian out of his home every time Obama pressures the spoilt child about it's illegal settlements. Add in the rest of what you just read and understand that you are witnessing the largest "temper tantrum" in the worlds history.

Israel is suffering a manic breakdown. They are pulling out all the stops, trying any and every tactic they can come up with to stop from having to finally be responsible for it's actions, and finally being told "no" from the rest of the world, who, have now had quite enough of a spoilt child with nuclear weapons, murdering and creating havoc and generally making the entire world an unsafe place for the rest of us.

Here's hoping that Obama calls in Super Nanny to lay down the law to the spoilt child, for the good of everyone, including the psychotic child.