11 June 2009

Israel Prays for Ahmadinejad

Tomorow's Game Changer Election

by Declan

With Iran’s elections tomorrow, Israel has done all it can to ensure another victory for Ahmadinejad.

Since last year Israel has continually war mongered for an attack on Iran. Knowing that a program of continued aggression towards Iran would promote hardliners.

Whenever a country is under constant threat, it does not move forward, it cannot “change” it’s progressive voice is crushed as the country closes ranks in an effort to protect itself from attack. George W. Bush knew this and used it to his advantage to get himself re-elected, using the Politics of Fear to do so. The "threat" level never went below Orange mostly, a dip to Yellow once in a while, but never ever to green. Got to keep the public fat, dumb, and scared shitless to win the election.

Using the politics of fear in an attempt to influence the Iranian elections, this is Israel’s game plan, and has been Israels game plan all along. I read somewhere that if Ahmadinejad did not exist, then Israel would have had to invent him. Yes, here is the quote, it was from Uri Avnery in April 2009.
I am not saying that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is an agent of the Mossad.
Absolutely not. I don’t want to be sued for libel.

I am only saying that were he an agent of the Mossad, he would not behave any differently.

And also: If he did not exist, the Mossad would have had to invent him.
Either way, the assistance he is giving to the government of Israel is invaluable.
What we have seen over the past several months is a continued push by Israel towards Iran. Constant threats, practice runs, massive war games played, huge fear mongering by the Israelis. The closer to the election the greater the push, the greater the war games.

December 2008
Israel 'prepared to attack' Iran nuclear plants

Israel is drawing up plans to attack Iran's nuclear facilities and is prepared to launch a strike without backing from the US, it has been reported.
April 2009 the Mother of All:
Israeli army to train for impending war

Israel is set to mobilize its army and hold the largest military exercise in its history to psych up the public for the breaking out of war.

The head of Israel's Department for Population at the Home Front Command Colonel Hilik Sofer said the extensive exercise would be conducted in less than two months on June 2. (Note the date?)

The senior Israeli official went on to acknowledge that in the event of a war Israel would have insufficient emergency and rescue response units ready.

"In wartime there will be insufficient Magen David Adom, rescue and chemical and biological warfare units. Even if we call up the reserves of the Home Front Command, we will have to rely on the population itself," Sofer told Haaretz.

"We need to train for a reality in which during war missiles can fall on any part of the country without warning," he said.

One of the missions of the nationwide military drill is to convince the public that in the event of a war the entire country would "become a front without warning".

Sofer said by holding the weeklong military exercise Israel seeks to "transform the population from a passive to an active one... We want the citizens to understand that war can happen tomorrow morning."

However, according to the Israeli official, the Home Front Command does not seek to scare anyone beyond a "healthy sense of fear". (What they really mean is a "Healthy Sense of Paranoia")

The official further stressed the need for Israeli residents to rely on themselves, explaining that the army would not be responsible for the evacuation of people even in areas most liable to be targeted.
Now, this article above is exceptional, not only do they go after Iran with more threats of a huge impending "war game", but at the same time, they create a massive panic, paranoia and fear among their own people. Just look at the ”implied” horrible threats to Jewish people, like those in the above article, then ask yourself just what is this meant to accomplish? Who benefits from this “fear mongering” Will the Israeli people be any safer being told this hogwash? No, what they are aiming for is to firstly keep Iran paranoid so they elect Ahmadinejad again, and at the same time create massive amounts of panic and fear so that they can then use this public fear to attack Iran and anyone else the Zionist Entity does not like. Normally I don’t feel too sorry for Jews who choose to live inside the Zionist Entity, but think for one moment what life must be like when your own government continually keeps you in a blind state of panic and fear. Oh, never mind, George Bush did that to Americans. The difference is Americans woke up, Israelis have not.May 2009, one month from Iranian election:
Israel grits teeth as 'doom day' draws near

As the Israeli-predicted date for war on Iran draws closer, a report says Israeli's missile operators have begun weekly drills to hone their skills.

Israeli Air Force (IAF) reservists who operate the ballistic missile destroyer, the Arrow, and the surface-to-air missile, Patriot, have been called up by the Defense Ministry to spend one day a week on duty to prepare for a possible conflict with Iran.
May 21st 2009, not long now till the election.
Israeli war games simulated strike by Iran
Thu, 21 May 2009 21:12:00 GMT

Israel has held a large-scale military exercise to simulate wars launched by Iran and Syria in order to assess its capabilities against the two Muslim nations
This next one is quite clever indeed, but as always, there are gaping holes in the logic, see if you can spot the “hole”
As Tel Aviv keeps on threatening Tehran with a 'military option', a report says Israel will open an embassy near the Iranian border in neighboring Turkmenistan.

Citing high-ranking officials in the Israeli Foreign Ministry, IzRus reported Monday that Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has personally struck a deal with Turkmen officials.

According to the report, an Israeli delegation is on its way to Ashgabat, Turkmenistan's capital, to find a 'suitable building' for an Israeli embassy. source
Here’s the “gaping Hole” in the logic. Now, given Israel claims it is so afraid of Iran attacking it's citizens, why then would they want to put their own people right next to the Iranian border, if not to provoke Iran. It’s not like there is a booming need for an embassy in Turkmenistan with thousands of eager Israeli tourists shouting for an embassy on the Iranian border. This is transparent. It's done to create more fear in Iranians wondering what Israel is up to, next to it's border.

So, ask yourself why the largest Israeli military war games to date were announced way back in April 2009, to commence on June 2nd 2009 a full three months later. I’ll tell you why, because they wanted to create three months of impending fear in Iran, to culminate just before Iran’s election, that’s why!

So today Israel is praying hard that their Poster Boy Ahmadinejad is re-elected. They’ve done all they can do now to stack the deck, short of an actual attack, that is. If Iranians re-elect Ahmadinejad the Israelis know it will be that much harder for Obama to push his middle east peace plan with a hardliner as opposed to Iran’s own “Obama” you can read about him here and here.

If, Ahmadinejad is not re-elected, the jig is up for Israel, it’s a game changer and they know it. So, let the rest of the world pray as well, let us pray that the Iranians see through Israel’s deadly game plan. I think they are smart and already see though this evil Israeli plan.

Tomorrow’s the day Israel may finally loose the battle to control the entire middle east. Tomorrow is the day that may spell the end of the Zionists entity’s power in the region. If Iran elects Mousavi it’s over for Israel, there will be a beginning of a new world alliance where Israel no longer can act with impunity.



Anonymous said...

What a great piece of great bullshit! Quoting the jewnazi war criminal and consummate liar Avnery! And "The difference is Americans woke up, Israelis have not." What an idioticity!...

Free Palestine Writers said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha

thanks for the GREAT comment, you help prove my point about Israel:):):)

your days of being a rogue state are over

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