12 June 2009

War Crimes~Photos~Gaza

Just finished more photos to post. These two sets are about Women in Gaza, and UN facilities hit by the Zionist Occupying Force:

Pictured below a Palestinian women return to her home after the Zionists visit her neighbourhood. I would suggest clicking to enlarge these photos, so you can see the scale of destruction down each side of this road:
click to enlarge

anyone interested in viewing the slideshow of ZOF war crimes against women in Gaza, here's the link

UN and UNWRA Facilities targeted by Israel. Please note that no other buildings next to the UN facility were hit. This was a precise surgical attack aimed at destroying food and aid meant for the people of Palestine. So that when Israel was done they could continue to strangle the entire population with their continued siege. WAR CRIME!:

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

If you want to view a slideshow of more photos of UN facilities hit by the ZOF, take the link here

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Barbara L said...

You know I rarely used dirty words. But every time I see what these Horsemen of the Apocalypse do as routine warfare, whether it be Lebanon or Palestine, my vocabulary gets very ripe.

Emotions that nothing or no one has ever aroused in me come to fore, although I suppose Viet Nam was right up there too. And we see how those people still suffer the effects of that horror.

This is even worse because now they KNOW what are the long term effects of their crimes! Starving these people is the aim. Killing them with long term genetic damage is another.

I have photos of the young woman in red being interviewed most likely just before these shots as she showed the interviewer all the burning bags of flour and oils etc.

Honestly, I try not to hate. TO Hate brings us down to their level. Honestly, I try.

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