22 June 2009

Zionist Jihadist Terrorists to Seize Homes

In yet another act of war and aggression, Nazi Israeli Jihadists will steal another 65 Palestinian homes to demolish them in their ever expanding program to Ethnically cleanse the area to expand their Nuclear Apartheid Illegal Rogue Racist Statelet.
Israeli police, along with municipal workers, on Sunday evening carried out a large campaign against Palestinian homeowners in Jerusalem, ransacking 65 houses in different neighborhoods to hand families demolition orders.

Residents told Ma’an’s correspondent that some of these families had received the same notices before, such as the owner of the As-Sunbula building in the Nusaiba neighborhood, which consists of 24 apartments, and a building owned by Thamin Abu Qabalah in Beit Hanina, north of Jerusalem, which has 15 apartments.

New demolition orders were handed over to Muhammad Abu Khdeir related to a 12-apartment building he owns in Shu’fat, north of Jerusalem. Another 12-room block known as the Ghayth building was also served in Beit Hanina. Two new demolition orders were also handed over to two families living in the Wadi Qaddoum neighborhood in Silwan, south of Jerusalem. source
MORE, Zionist Jihadist Terrorists force Palestinian to demolish his own home
Another Jerusalem resident was forced to demolish part of his own home on Friday, following orders from the Israeli municipal council of Jerusalem.

The self-demolition of Muhammad Najib Al-Ju’ba’s 25-square-meter home addition on Virgin Street near the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in the Old City of Jerusalem marks the second week in a row Palestinians in Jerusalem have had to tear down their own homes.

Last week two self-demolitions were ordered, and on Friday Al-Ju’ba was faced with self-demolition or paying a 13,000 shekel fine for illegally constructing an extra room on his home. Paying the fine would not ensure a permit for the structure, and may simply postpone its destruction.

The house was built more than 50 years ago and is now home to eight. Twelve years ago, Al-Ju’ba built an additional room to accommodate his growing family. source

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Barbara L said...

I will not hate.. I will not hate... I will not hate... I will not cuss them... I will not cuss them...

Ah heck, gimme a minute for pure loathing, disgust and a desire to .... not suitable for public consumption...

They are such parasitic creeps. They really are parasites. But they don't just suck the life... they suck the spirit and soul...

Filthy bloodsucking scum of all planets of all the galaxies of all the universes...

Amazing they steal Palestine because they turn the Bible into a real estate agreement, but then tell people to wreck their own homes (major psych op) for a room 12 years old on a house older than stink.

May they all rot on the outside to show the state of their spirits.

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