15 July 2009

Al-Jazeera BANNED From West Bank

Well, well, let us all see if America has anything to say about this like they did about Iran. Al-Jazeera news television station has been banned by Abbas from operating in the West Bank. Yup, the television station has been taken off the air because it dared to air an allegation from a top PA official against Abbas, you can read it here. So much for free speech or even news. Abbas must protect his kingship at all costs including banning the media, Instead of confronting and proving the allegations are wrong. So here's my question: Where's the outrage from the West on the banning of media, one wonders? Or is that only reserved for governments they don't like, for instance Iran. Pot-Kettle-Black
Al-Jazeera banned by P.A.

JERUSALEM (JTA) -- Al-Jazeera television has been banned from operating in Palestinian territory.

The Qatar-based Arabic news channel was banned in the West Bank by the Palestinian Authority Wednesday, after the government accused it of incitement for broadcasting allegations against PA President Mahmoud Abbas, according to news reports.

The allegations broadcast Tuesday and attributed to a senior Fatah official claimed that Abbas conspired with Israel to kill Yasser Arafat in 2003. source