21 July 2009

Israel & Obama Have a Deal, But What?

When ever I hear of Israel “suddenly” deciding to offer a “concession” to Obama, I start to worry immediately and look for the real reason. For instance, why would Israel suddenly be publicizing that they will remove “in one day” 23 settlements? What a great sound-bite, but let’s look deeper. Firstly, it is important to note that these “settlements” are actually small horrid little outposts, like Zionist camping grounds existing on Palestinian land. They are NOT the big shiny impressive ones with lots of settler cockroaches living in big beautiful Israeli built homes over looking the hovels of the former residents of said development. No, we are not talking about “those” settlements.

So, there is something amiss, and, upon reflection, I can some up with a few reasons for Israel’s very “sudden” public decision to remove “in one day” 23 illegal “campgrounds” I mean “settlements.”

Israel never does anything for “right or moral” reasons. Only self gratifying selfish ones that advance the rogue Zionist state’s agendas. So:

1. Either Israel is offering this in the hopes it will satisfy Obama and allow Israel to keep the big settlements.

2. Or worse, it’s a token to give Obama so that Obama can claim some sort of victory on the settlement issue and now start demanding double time movement from HAMAS on accepting Israel as a Jewish state, translation, attempting remove the Right of Return for Palestinians who still have keys in their hands.

3. Or, perhaps it is all part of a trade from Israel to Obama, in order to secure Obama’s blessing for an Israeli strike on Iran. Let us not forget that early on Israel said that any peace deals with Palestine would be linked to progress on what Israel sees as needing to happen to Iran. In other words a military strike. See HERE where they link I/P peace to Obama dealing with Iran. So, if Israel is moving on the issue of Campgrounds, I mean settlements, than what deal has been struck, one wonders...

Either way, it’s a ruse by Israel to get something much bigger than what it offers. That’s the “Zionist Style” of negotiation in a nut shell. here's the story:
JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel plans to remove in a single day all 23 unauthorized settler outposts slated for evacuation in the occupied West Bank, a move that would meet a long-standing pledge to Washington, a newspaper said on Tuesday.

The report in Haaretz gave no date for removing the outposts, where some of the most militant settlers in the West Bank live, but said the military held an exercise last week to prepare for their evacuation.

Haaretz, a left-leaning newspaper, said the military was preparing to "forcibly evacuate 23 illegal outposts in one day. The plan was formulated by the security establishment, with the knowledge of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu."

Netanyahu has so far refused to commit to a total freeze, in the most serious rift between Israel and the United States, its main ally, in a decade.

In May, Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai said the removal of the outposts, often a cluster of caravans on isolated hilltops built without government authorization, had become a "central issue" for the Netanyahu's administration.

The Defense Ministry says it will not reveal the locations of all the outposts to maintain an element of surprise but they include those built after March 2001, a group that Israel committed to remove during the administration of former U.S. president George W. Bush.

The evacuation is expected to be met with resistance from the settlers. Wallerstein said that some 8,000 people live at the outposts.

The Haaretz report was written by one of its most respected columnists, Yoel Marcus, who was also the first to disclose the plans of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to withdraw soldiers and settlers from the Gaza Strip, a plan that came to fruition in 2005. source
Yeah, some deal has been done with Obama, what that deal is we will soon find out!