08 July 2009

America's FALSE PROPHET Will Make Peace

And Palestinians will pay dearly...............

written by Ban Sidhe at Irish4Palestine

In a HAMAS statement, reported in Maan news today Sami Abu Zuhri said this: "We will have our rights and not bow to "Quartet conditions" Gazans have the right to continue resisting a violent Israeli siege and occupation, and they have the right to be represented by the party they democratically elected.” he continued; “They [the Quartet] have several options around how they want to deal with our position.”

He also said; “The international position on connecting reconstruction to national reconciliation is a violation of the human rights of Gazans” and “It is our right to fight against oppression and continue resistance, and it is the right of our citizens to rebuild after Israel destroyed homes and businesses.” The issue of national reconciliation is of a separate nature, and Gazans should not be punished for a slow reconciliation process.”

He ended by saying this:
“I call on the international and Arab communities to push for an end to the blockade, and stop being manipulated by Israeli policy.”
All true statements.

Clearly we can now see the pattern emerging for what the "Un-Holy Three" consisting of Israel, England and the USA plan for the Middle East. To destabilise democratically elected governments in Gaza and Iran. And at the same time reap the benefits of Israel’s long term infiltration into Lebanon against Hezbollah.


No matter the actions of Israel’s colonization,
no one can resist.
When your land is stolen, you cannot resist.
When your country is under siege, you cannot resist,
When you elect your government, if that government is not supported by Israel, you cannot resist its removal.
When you wish to control your own destiny, yet are not allowed to, you cannot resist.
When you want to decide your own fate, you cannot resist.
When your country is attacked, you cannot resist
When your country is under an illegal siege, you cannot resist

From 2009 onwards, No amount of resistance to Israel will be allowed to exist any more, the “Un-Holy Three” will see to that soon enough. Only supporters of Israel will be allowed to exist, be elected and govern. Of course they will govern in a way that suits Israel and they will be funded with American and Israeli money and support.

From a resistance standpoint, HAMAS has good political strategy. Here’s the problem for them. Israel, England and the USA are meddling in surrounding countries and many of the Arab states are too self absorbed to make any stand for fellow Arabs.

What is taking place on a grand scale is a situation being created where groups who resist the Zionist State are one by one being picked off using touts and spies, election meddling, threat of force, or marginalization of democratically elected governments.

Israel has been infiltrating into Lebanese politics and the Lebanese resistance movement for some time now in preparation for the overall US led strategy that appears to be culminating now after the failed attempt at an overthrow of the Iranian government.

Since the Elections, we have clearly seen a “change” in both tone and substance from Obama. Although he is perfect at making himself appear as not involved in the rhetoric. However, he depends on his many sock puppets to set the tone for him. So we see Biden, Col. Mullen, Israel and Britain creating the flow of news surrounding the current Iran situation. Clearly the hand that was once offered to Ahmadinejad a year before Obama’s arrival to the Whitehouse, either never was truly extended, or is no longer extended. I tend to believe after what I’ve just witnessed in Iran, that the hand was never really extended. Just another political stunt by the master of them all, Mr. Obama. For why then would Obama have offered that hand a year ago when Ahmadinejad was doing all sorts of things that created outrage in both Israel and the US, yet now when it is time to implement Obama’s campaign words, he uses the Iranian election (America was involved in destabilizing) as an excuse to not follow through.

I think Obama has to create some “success” stories very fast, otherwise he risks loosing his “Messiah” glow, as people begin to wise up to the game plan. The “success” story he will create will be what he will call “Middle East Peace” but it will be “Obama Style.” You see, Obama cannot quickly change the American economy, nor can he quickly create jobs or save peoples homes from being re-possessed. But, what he CAN do quickly (with the assistance the two members of the "Un-Holy Three") is to create a "Middle East Obama Style Peace” to deflect from the problems he cannot resolve inside America. Yes, I can see it now, the media hailing the Chief for bringing peace to the land, the "Messiah" has landed, and he will save us all.

America needs a military victory; they need to win a war, ANY war against “so called” terrorists. Look at the miserable failures in Iraq and Afghanistan, and let’s add Pakistan and North Korea into the mix. Those situations are not so easily controlled nor resolved. How many times have we heard the Americans say that the Iraq war was finally won? Even now, we hear of great victories, followed soon afterwards with another strike on American forces. America needs to "win one"

So, Obama needs a great victory, a stellar win for himself and America. One he can claim as his own. That "win" will be the resolution of the Israeli-Palestine conflict. However, it will be, as always, done in the grand “Obama Style” of smoke and mirrors, cheating and slight of hand. Using Israel and England along with weak Arab states willing to sell out their brothers and sisters for shiny gifts from America, Israel and England.

Who will pay for this so called "win"? Palestinians, as always. The plan will be to dismantle the HAMAS democratically elected government and replace them with corrupt Israeli agents from FATAH.

Take a look at Lebanon; the scale of infestation and infiltration by Israeli spies and touts is stunning. This has effectively removed Hezbollah from the political scene. But the meddling won’t stop the root problem of the Zionists returning stolen Lebanese land. And, it won’t erase from the memory of all the refugees in Lebanon who sit for generations in those horrid camps, unable to return home. It won’t make many Lebanese forget the Golan Heights either. What it will do is create a short time of “so called” peace through force and coercion, where Obama can sing the praises of his "holiness" to the world. Whilst this takes place, the pot of unrest will be simmering, until it reaches a boil once again, and a new resistance group springs up yet again against the West and Israel. Will America EVER learn??

This scenario will replicate itself in Palestine as well. Not every Palestinian will be overjoyed simply to have “Obama Peace” come to what is left of their land. In Ireland we say this; “Peace is not simply the absence of violence” and that is true. Peace is much more than that. True peace is controlling your own destiny, without outside interference or military control.

I find what Obama is doing a real shame. This is tantamount to what Bush did after 9-11. After 9-11, for the first time in a great many years, America had the goodwill and support of many nations around the world. I doubt Americans saw the scenes from Iran which we in Europe saw. Thousands of Iranians taking to the streets, in tears for all the Americans killed in the twin towers. Veiled women, wearing makeup, whose tears and makeup were streaming down their faces. And what was the relationship with Iran in 2001? Yet this was the Iranian reaction to 9-11. Explain that one Obama. Same thing in Palestine as was in Iran, I know because I witnessed it.

Instead of Bush viewing this as a new turning point for Middle East and world wide relationships, he instead only saw only the military option to capitalise on this sentiment to amass his “war on terror” which was not really against Bin Laden, but was more about making huge amounts of money and progressing the Zionist agenda.

So, after the world witnessing 8 years of Bush worldwide terror, we see a fresh shining face emerge in Obama. Marketed as everything to everyone, the saviour, the man who was 100% against the war. (Mind you he was speaking at an anti-war rally, so what else would he have said LOL) So the “Messiah of Hope” had arrived for the hungry and huddled masses wanting “change”

Obama’s problem is that he and his creators, have now made millions worldwide “believe” his rhetoric, and to have “hope.” Regardless of what the American press and blogosphere who work for Obama may write about his coming years. The truth is that the world will judge him, we are judging him right now, and we don’t like what we see.

Remember this; When you create this massive aura around Obama, build him up to God-like status in the media and online, when you instill feelings in people who lost all hope for fairness and justice in this world, to believe real change can actually take place, when they begin to allow themselves to actually believe, and to replace hopelessness with hope. Then only to find they have been duped in the most cruelest of ways, what then Obama? Charm can't last forever.

When the worldwide masses begin to realise they were tricked by American politicians once again, it won’t be a pretty picture for America. Because what we are seeing is a carry on of Bush policies, delivered by a smiling face, a fellow just like you, who eats cheeseburgers and plays basketball. Bush’s policies and agenda are just delivered in a different and more internet friendly and media savvy way. What you end up ultimately creating is an even worse scenario than that of Bush. At least people knew what Bush was about. Obama, on the other hand, has only cemented and proven what most people believed about America before Obama gave them false hope. That being, no matter who is in the Whitehouse; be it a moronic born again zealot like Bush, or a media savvy, fresh smiling cheeseburger eating Obama, the end result is the same for the rest of the world.

So, just like what Bush did with the outpouring after 9-11, Obama will do the same with the outpouring he received from the world who hoped for real change. America will squander the chance for real hope and change, because as always, America cannot do the right thing.

I'm done........