08 July 2009


I wrote about this just yesterday, a Mossad agent, a Janes Publishing Group Representative AKA British MI5, and an American CIA agent, discussing the use of Cyber War Fare on Iran's nuclear facilities you can read my post here. Today Presstv is reporting much the same here, minus the links to the three agents:
Israeli intelligence services are trying to sabotage Iran's military and nuclear programs through tainted equipment and cyber attacks, a recent report says.

Israeli officials, weary of Iran's achievements in the nuclear field, have turned to cyber attacks to halt the country's development, Israeli sources told Reuters on Tuesday.

Another method of sabotage mentioned in the report was the use of malware -- a commonly used abbreviation for 'malicious software' -- to "corrupt, commandeer or crash the controls of sensitive sites like uranium enrichment plants".

As Iran's nuclear assets would probably be isolated from outside computers, Israeli agents would have to conceal the malware in software used by the Iranians or discreetly plant it on portable hardware brought in, unknowingly, by technicians.

Last year, Iran arrested 45-year-old Ali Ashtari on charges of relaying sensitive information on military, defense and research centers to intelligence officers working for the infamous Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad.

In a video recorded and later broadcast by IRIB, Ashtari confessed that Mossad had paid him $50,000 to buy internet cables and satellite phones and then sell them on to 'special customers' in the hope of enabling Israel to spy on their communications.

Israeli 'handlers,' whom Ashtari said he met in Thailand, Turkey and Switzerland, allegedly wanted him "to sell these terminals in Iran to special customers so they could hack into this equipment".

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PlanetMichelle@ said...

Iran has every right and every reason to pre-empt this Israeli threat if this threat is real. They have no reason to wait until Israel causes such damage. I would LOVE to hear any argument to the contrary.
With Israel amassing troops on the Lebanon border, this is the excuse Israel used to pre-empt Eygpt on the Sinai (after they created the rumor of war). Hizbollah would be justified to attack Israel like it was justified in 2006 for the same reason. Of course US/Israel believes only THEY are entitled to sovereignty unless we are talking about China or Russia. Any country who can defend themselves get that "respect." Which is exactly why US/Israel wants to weaken Iran. I would love it if these assholes (US/Israel)could be honest JUST ONCE instead of adding insult to injury by endlessly handing us rediculous lies. I hate this more than anything! Why can't they say what we already know to be true? That they need the petro-dollar not Euro and Israel wants Palestine land and Lebanon's water. And the petro-dollar. Just SAY the obvious and they won't look so stupid on top of evil. Now I sound like I am talking to my kids!

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