30 July 2009

CENSORSHIP~Amazon Sued By Israel

Israel attempts MORE censorship, Will the "Nakba" be next???

Look, here's the deal folks; Israel has to stop receiving "special" treatment that then allows it to censor people, websites, media and books. No matter if people have insane views on subjects, it is their right, it's called "freedom of speech and expression." The public can make up their own minds, they really should have that right. If people don't like the books, then they don't have to buy the books, but to ban books is the first step in creating an Israeli totalitarian worldwide censorship police state.Only Israel does this in order to stop any and all discussion in opposition to Israel's version of ALL worldwide events including 9-11. Forget about the "Holocaust" books, because I can easily see this transforming into a book about the Nakba being on that list for instance. Why? Because it does not match Israel's version of history. Just last week I wrote about a new law HERE which could be adopted in Europe that would make it illegal to imply that Israel could have been involved in 9-11, or any other theories involving Israel or Zionism. Moreover, this law would also make it illegal to criticize "Zionism" itself! And now we see today they are suing Amazon online for selling books that Israel does not like. This lawsuit, if successful, will impact European book sales including books in the UK. Look out America, you're next! More after this:
The German branch of the American Jewish Committee announced it was launching a lawsuit on Friday against the country's Amazon website, accusing the online book retailer of selling 50 books which revise or deny the Holocaust.

According to research conducted by the AJC, about 50 books, including Wilhelm Staglich's The Auschwitz Myth - Legend or Reality, are currently for sale on Amazon.de, the German branch of the site. Staglich's book, along with works cited by the AJC written by Germar Rudolf, Udo Walendy, Jurgen Graf and Carlo Mattogno, are also available for sale on the UK's branch of the retailer, Amazon.com.uk. source
Like I said, there can be no questioning, no opinions, no views, no thoughts other than Israel's version, so as Israel disputes the Nakba, I can see them eventually attempting to include those types of books as well. This is the beginning.........think about it!


Greg Bacon said...

VE see that you are one of those who do not accept the moral superiority of Israel and do not get down on your knees, cry and offer up money anytime one of your Zionist masters says Holocaust™

ZAT is a problem.... for you. VE VILL be sending some rather frisky MOSSAD customer service reps to your door, oh say around 3 am.

They will whisk you off to a glorious stay in one of our enhanced interrogation centers where Hasidic Rabbis will beat some sense into your GOY infected brain.

Pack lightly for this one-way trip!

Sheilanagig said...

Before I will adhere to this bullshit, the can bury my upside down so they can kiss my irish ass.

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