05 July 2009

Goodbye Palestine

WE NEED more settlements, we have "natural growth"
The Super Duper Uber Lie.........

Well, you gotta hand it to Israel, the Borg have been working on bringing more foreigners to live in Isra-Hell so as to squeeze out the Palestinian native population from their land. Yup, 5,000 more arriving soon to help the evil rogue state steal more land. And a special thanks to America and Canada, cos 3,000 of the 5,000 Zionist cockroaches are coming from your two countries alone. I'm sure you will allow them all to keep dual citizenship as well, so they can continue to work for Israel in Canada and America like good little AIPAC spies for Israel. But here's the best bit, Israel is even willing to set aside its racism and suddenly allow Black People to be Jews and live in Israel:
250 Ethiopians recently recognized as Jews by rabbinical authorities will also immigrate
Just so long as Israel gets to use them to help colonize Palestine. Then of course the rabbinical authorities will make them second class citizens once they are done "using" them to take over Palestine.
After years of decline in immigration, Israel is expected this year to absorb 15 percent more new arrivals than last year, thanks in part to 20 flights arriving this summer carrying 5,000 immigrants from North America, France, Great Britain, South Africa and beyond.

Of these, some 3,000 immigrants will arrive on organized flights run jointly by the Jewish Agency and Nefesh B?Nefesh. Around 2,000 are expected from the United States and Canada.

Around 200 immigrants are expected to arrive from both France and Great Britain respectively, 130 from South Africa, and 100 from countries in Latin America. Some 250 Ethiopians recently recognized as Jews by rabbinical authorities will also immigrate source

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Cynara said...

Natural growth, lie and lies.

My jewish friend all her family,go to Israel.

I asked her, to Tel Aviv?, no Ramallah, she answered me.

Hope to see Palestine free, soon, very soon.

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