07 July 2009

Israel Foils Potential Terrorist Plot

Thanks to Israel’s very quick thinking, a plot to annihilate Israel via the Erez border crossing was averted. The threat in question, was a 5 month old Palestinian baby, who was accompanying the mother and 5 year old sister who were traveling to Israel for medical treatment. As the IDF policy is to consider all Palestinian children as potential terrorists, the threat from the tiny but possibly dangerous 5 month old was deemed to be far too dangerous for the Israeli officials to allow the baby to pass through into Israel alongside the Mother and sister. An IDF spokesman stated that it's not about size, it's about the danger of the tiny baby's ability to spew deadly baby spit-up onto Israelis. A threat Israel was just not willing to risk.
Israel refuses to let 5-month old baby from Gaza leave the Strip with his mother and sister

Israeli forces at the Erez crossing stopped a 5-month old baby from crossing into Israel. His mother and five-year old sister both had a permission to leave the Strip, so the 5-year old girl could receive medical treatment in Israel.

As Israeli troops refused the infant to enter Israel, the mother and both her children were forced to turn back home without receiving medical treatment and might be unable to receive another permission to enter Israel.The five-year old girl needed medical help in Israel, as doctors in Gaza were unable to diagnose why the girl has been suffering from chronic fevers.The mother decided to take her baby with her, because she didn’t know how long the treatment would take, assuming that a five-month old infant didn’t constitute any threat for the state of Israel.The permits the mother and her daughter received were only valid on Tuesday and they had a hospital appointment for Tuesday afternoon in the Al-Maqased hospital in Jerusalem