06 July 2009

"DONE DEAL" Iran Will Be Attacked

7-7-09 UPDATED X1 Cyber War Fare may be used against Iran's nuclear plant, see here Original post from 7-6-09 below:

Well, I wrote about Obama's mask slipping, and it seems it is now proven to be true. Read that post for background.

Now, later today we seem to have the confirmation that backs up Biden's remarks, directly from Mossad and the "why" is explained. The "why" is a deal done between Obama on settlements and the Israeli-Palestine conflict in a direct trade for allowing Israel to go forward with it's attack on Iran.
Israel strike threat on Iran back on table

JERUSALEM // A flurry of media reports in Israel and elsewhere, as well as comments by US officials, past and present, have suddenly put the possibility of an Israeli military strike on Iran firmly back on the agenda.

Certainly, the turmoil in Iran after elections that saw the incumbent Mahmoud Ahmadinejad returned under controversial circumstances, has contributed to a firming of the tone by US officials on Iran. This was most notable in an interview Joe Biden, the US vice president, gave ABC News in which he said Israel, as a sovereign nation, would decide for itself how to deal with Iran.
I wrote about the attempts by Israel-USA-Britain to overthrow the Iranian Government, and if that failed what would happen.) article continues:
“One explanation [for Mr Biden’s remarks] is that a deal was done between the US and Israel,” said Yossi Alpher, an Israeli analyst and a former Iran specialist with Mossad, Israel’s foreign intelligence service. “On the same day that Biden made his remarks, Netanyahu opened his cabinet meeting by saying that in the first 100 days of his government, an Israeli consensus had been reached on the two-state solution.”

Mr Alpher said Mr Netanyahu felt that Israel needed to make concessions on the Palestinian issue to secure US support for his government’s position on Iran “if and when” Israel needs to strike Iran.

“It certainly looked like a deal had been done,” he said.
And here's the proof in a 2nd article, check out the "insanely upbeat lovefest" tone of this 2nd report:
Barak: Israel will dismantle outposts within months (In exchange for being allowed to strike Iran)

Mitchell assured by Barak that Israel will dismantle the 23 illegal outposts in space of weeks or months – not years
Seriously, why would Israel even remotely entertain this option of dismantling the settlements all of a sudden like? When they have consistently dug in their heels and continued expansion and ethnic cleansing. Clearly Israel has been offered Iran in exchange for a Palestinain two state solution. And rest assured if Obama is this devious, then the Palestinian deal will truly be a shitty one for Palestine and a great one for Israel. More:
Barak also told Mitchell that Israel expects to see trust-building gestures from Arab states, as well as Palestinian reciprocation for Israeli gestures. Israel is demanding, among other things, that the Palestinians acknowledge a future agreement as an end to the conflict, recognize Israel as the national home of the Jewish people, establish law and order systems, and provide an answer on the status of the Gaza Strip and Hamas. link
Yes, I'd say the "Deal is Done" welcome to war "Obama Style"


Anonymous said...

What does Israel really want. They are liars with anything regarding Palestine, which these rabid Zionists can't even say "Palestine." It's bullshit everything they say about Iran. They know it, we know it everyone knows it. So what is it? ooooh yes....it's all about the Petro dollar vs the Euro.Iran plans to switch the oil currency to the Euro. So follow the dots now to the rich American Jews. We can always follow the blood trail back to the Ashkenazim.

Free Palestine Writers said...

They are going to do this all nice and tidy. Using Cyber War Fare, see here:


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